What Time Period Does Attack On Titan Take Place?

What Time Period Does Attack On Titan Take Place

What time period does AoT take place?

Plot – Eren Yeager is a boy who lives in the town of Shiganshina, located on the outermost of three circular walls which protect their inhabitants from Titans. In the year 845, the first wall (Wall Maria) is breached by two new types of Titans, the Colossal Titan and the Armored Titan.

During the incident, Eren’s mother is eaten by a Smiling Titan while Eren escapes. He swears revenge on all Titans and enlists in the military along with his childhood friends Mikasa Ackerman and Armin Arlert, Five years after Shiganshina’s fall, the Colossal Titan attacks the city of Trost, located in the second innermost wall (Wall Rose).

Eren helps to successfully defend the city after he discovers a mysterious ability to turn himself into a sentient Attack Titan. Additionally, he regains memories of his father giving him this ability shortly after the fall of Wall Maria, and telling him that the truth about their world can be found in their basement in Shiganshina.

These events draw the attention of the Survey Corps and their commander, Erwin Smith, who intend to use his power to reclaim Wall Maria and reach the Yeagers’ basement. Eren, Mikasa, and Armin are transferred to the Special Operations Squad, under the care of Levi Ackerman and Hange Zoë, During an expedition into the forest between the walls, Eren and his companions encounter a sentient Female Titan, whom they later expose as their fellow military comrade Annie Leonhart,

With help from his friends, Eren fights and defeats Annie, who encases herself in crystal and is put in custody. After the fight, it is discovered that there are Titans lying dormant within the walls (known as Wall Titans). Shortly thereafter, Pure Titans mysteriously appear within Wall Rose with no evidence of how they got in, accompanied by the sentient Beast Titan.

  • Ymir, one of the new Survey Corps graduates, reveals that she can also transform into the sentient Jaw Titan, while Ymir’s close friend Krista Lenz reveals herself as Historia Reiss, a member of the royal family.
  • Two other members of the Survey Corps, Reiner Braun and Bertholt Hoover, reveal themselves as the Armored and Colossal Titan respectively.

They attempt to kidnap Eren and Ymir, but fail. In the ensuing battle, Eren discovers another power within himself called “the Coordinate”, that allows him to control other Titans, which he uses to kill the Smiling Titan and send a horde of Pure Titans to attack Reiner and Bertholt.

  1. This forces the two to escape, whereupon Ymir willingly flees with them, offering herself as sacrifice to prevent Historia from being targeted by the enemy.
  2. In the aftermath of these events, it is determined that the Pure Titans who suddenly appeared within Wall Rose were the inhabitants of various villages within Wall Rose, who had in some way been transformed into Titans.

This leads the characters to the conclusion that all Pure Titans are, in fact, transformed human beings. Eren and his friends join Levi Squad while the Survey Corps is targeted by the Military Police led by Kenny Ackerman, Levi’s uncle. In the occasion, they discover that by transforming into a Pure Titan via a serum made of Titan spinal fluid and eating another Titan shifter, a person can gain its abilities, and that Historia and her father, Rod Reiss, are the only surviving members of the royal bloodline.

Rod kidnaps Eren because he is in possession of the Founding Titan, obtained by his father Grisha upon eating Frieda Reiss (Historia’s half-sister), and by Eren through eating his father. Rod tries to convince Historia to allow herself to be transformed into a Titan, so she can eat Eren and regain the Founder’s power.

After Historia refuses and breaks Rod’s vial of spinal fluid, Rod attempts to consume the serum himself, transforming into a monstrously large Abnormal Titan and inadvertently killing Kenny; he is then killed by Historia (with the help of the Survey Corps), who is thereafter declared Queen.

Having resolved the political unrest, the Survey Corps lead a successful operation to recapture Shiganshina, fighting the Beast, Colossal, Armored, and Cart Titans but suffering massive casualties, wherein Erwin dies in a suicide run against the Beast Titan, and Armin gains ownership of the Colossal Titan when Levi injects him with a serum given by Kenny, causing Armin to eat Bertholt.

Eren and his companions return to his childhood home, where they discover the truth of their world: they are actually Eldians, sworn enemies of the conquering Marleyans who were enclosed within the walls after the original King Karl Fritz fled from the war. A map of the world of Attack on Titan, which resembles our own world flipped over the x-axis Three years later, the Survey Corps launch an attack against the Marleyan capital of Liberio, orchestrated by Eren and his half-brother Zeke, who is the owner of the Beast Titan.

  1. Eren kills Willy Tybur, an Eldian who (along with his family) had been controlling Marley from the shadows and gains ownership of the War Hammer Titan after eating its previous owner, Willy’s sister Lara,
  2. However, Eren is imprisoned for acting against orders but escapes with a faction of extremist Paradis soldiers called the Yeagerists.

Zeke is kept in Levi’s custody but manages to escape, severely injuring but not killing him. Marley’s air fleet, led by Reiner, launch an invasion of Paradis, and chaos breaks out in the ensuing battle. Eren and Zeke reunite, which leads them to the Paths—a series of gateways connecting all Eldians through time and space.

  • There, they meet the consciousness of Ymir Fritz —the original Titan—whose tortured past led to her imprisonment within the Paths for thousands of years.
  • Zeke attempts to convince Ymir to fulfill his wish to stop the Subjects of Ymir from reproducing via mass sterilization,
  • However, Eren convinces Ymir to use her power to bring about the Rumbling—unleashing thousands of Wall Titans kept within Paradis’ walls and leading them on a genocidal march to kill everyone outside the island.

The Survey Corps ally with remaining Marleyan forces, including Reiner and a now-freed Annie to stop Eren, and they defeat the Yeagerists before confronting Eren, though many are killed, including Hange. Levi kills Zeke and Mikasa kills Eren, which causes the mysterious creature that is the source of all Titans’ powers to die and the power of the Titans to vanish, reverting all Titans to human form, and stripping the Titan Shifters of their powers, thereby freeing all Eldians from the curse.

  1. His death also releases memory blocks that he put on his friends, revealing that what transpired was part of Eren’s plan to spare twenty percent of humanity, with Armin, Levi, Mikasa, and the others being recognized as heroes in the eyes of the world for killing him and stopping the Rumbling.
  2. Three years later, as Paradis and the rest of the world rebuilds, Armin and his allies begin peace negotiations led by Queen Historia.
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Mikasa buries Eren underneath a tree on a hill near Shiganshina District. The tree grows over time to resemble the one where the organism that granted Ymir her Titan power lived. An unspecified amount of time after Mikasa’s death from old age, a modernized Shiganshina is reduced to rubble in a war.

What year did AoT start in?

Attack on Titan
進撃の巨人 ( Shingeki no Kyojin )
  • Action
  • Dark fantasy
  • Post-apocalyptic
Anime television series
Directed by
  • Tetsurō Araki ( S1–3 )
  • Masashi Koizuka ( S2–3 )
  • Yuichiro Hayashi ( S4 )
  • Jun Shishido ( S4 )
Produced by
  • Tetsuya Kinoshita
  • Kensuke Tateishi
  • Toshihiro Maeda
  • Shin Furukawa ( S1 )
  • Tomohito Nagase ( S1 )
  • George Wada ( S1–3 )
  • Tetsuya Endō (#26–49, #60–87)
  • Yasuyuki Nishiya (#26–75, #88)
  • Sōya Kiyota ( S3P2 )
  • Hitoshi Itō ( S4 )
  • Makoto Kimura ( S4 )
  • Yasuo Onori ( S4P2 )
  • Hitoshi Matsumoto (#88)
Written by
  • Yasuko Kobayashi ( S1–3 )
  • Hiroshi Seko ( S4 )
  • Shintarō Kawakubo (#76–)
Music by
  • Hiroyuki Sawano
  • Kohta Yamamoto ( S4 )
  • Wit Studio ( S1–3 )
  • MAPPA ( S4 )
Licensed by NA Crunchyroll SEA Muse Communication
Original network
  • MBS ( S1–2 )
  • NHK General TV ( S3–4 )
English network AU SBS 2 SEA Aniplus Asia US Adult Swim ( Toonami )
Original run April 7, 2013 – present
Episodes 88 + 8 OADs ( List of episodes )
Anime film
  • Part 1: Crimson Bow and Arrow
  • Part 2: Wings of Freedom
Directed by Tetsurō Araki
Written by Yasuko Kobayashi
Music by Hiroyuki Sawano
Studio Wit Studio
Licensed by Crunchyroll
  • November 22, 2014 (part 1)
  • July 27, 2015 (part 2)
Runtime 120 minutes each
Anime film
The Roar of Awakening
Directed by
  • Tetsurō Araki
  • Masashi Koizuka
Written by Yasuko Kobayashi
Music by Hiroyuki Sawano
Studio Wit Studio
Licensed by Crunchyroll UK Anime Limited
Released January 13, 2018
Runtime 120 minutes
Anime film
Directed by
  • Tetsurō Araki
  • Masashi Koizuka
Produced by
  • Tetsuya Kinoshita
  • Kensuke Tateishi
  • George Wada
  • Toshihiro Maeda
  • Yasuyuki Nishiya
  • Sōya Kiyota
Written by
  • Yasuko Kobayashi (series)
  • Shika Ogura (story composition)
Music by Hiroyuki Sawano
Studio Wit Studio
Licensed by Crunchyroll
Released July 17, 2020
Runtime 120 minutes

Attack on Titan ( Japanese : 進撃の巨人, Hepburn : Shingeki no Kyojin, lit. ‘The Attacking Giant’) is a Japanese dark fantasy anime television series, adapted from the manga series of the same name by Hajime Isayama, that premiered on April 7, 2013. It has aired on MBS TV (first two seasons) and NHK General TV (third season onwards).

  • In North America, the series has been streamed on Crunchyroll, Funimation, and Hulu,
  • Attack on Titan has also aired on Adult Swim ‘s Toonami programming block in the United States.
  • Set in a post-apocalyptic world where the remains of humanity live behind walls protecting them from giant humanoid Titans, Attack on Titan follows protagonist Eren Yeager, along with friends Mikasa Ackerman and Armin Arlert,

When a Colossal Titan breaches the wall of their hometown, Titans destroy the city and eat Eren’s mother. Vowing vengeance, Eren joins the elite Survey Corps, a group of soldiers who fight against Titans. It chronicles Eren’s journey with the Survey Corps as they fight against the Titans while investigating their origin and history.

Is AOT set in 1940s?

The Manga Attack on Titans is a fictional story which is taking place in the year 845.

Is Attack on Titan set in Europe?

Some have also said that the map of Paradise island and the mainland (where Marley is at) resembles Madagascar and the African continent, if you turn the map upside down. But nothing definite can be said, as it’s probably just a fictional land basing it’s setting of Germany and Europe.

Is AOT based on real life?

Human history has served as fodder for great works of art, be it literature, TV serials, or movies. Similarly, the world of anime has drawn significant inspiration from reality, such as Steins;Gate’s MC, Rintarou Okabe, who has been rumored to be based on John Titor, a self-proclaimed time traveler.

Another popular anime to have utilized this trope is Vinland Saga, which largely detailed the events following the invasion of England by the Vikings in the 11th century. Hajime Isayama’s Attack on Titan is a classic example of an anime series that drew heavily from true historical events. Much like the anime series mentioned above, it did so in a subtle manner, i.e., through implications.

As such, this article will take a look at some of these references to true events within the story. Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers from the Attack on Titan series and contains historical mentions of sensitive topics such as the Holocaust and Anti-Semitism.

Who is Eren Yeager Titan based on?

In Attack on Titan – Eren’s form as the Attack Titan was based on Yushin Okami, Eren Yeager is introduced as a ten-year-old residing in the town of Shiganshina who dreams of joining the Survey Corps in order to explore the outside world beyond the walls. A year prior to the events of the story, accompanying his father Grisha to meet her parents, Eren saves Mikasa Ackerman from a group of kidnappers, which led to the development of his ideology at a young age.

  • When the Titans invade Shiganshina, Eren is powerless as he watches his mother be devoured by an abnormally large titan with a face deformity that gives it a constant smile, and thus vows to kill every Titan henceforth.
  • Eren then enlists himself in the military, with hazy memories of last meeting his father while receiving a key to their home’s basement.

During his first mission at Trost, Eren sacrifices himself to save his friend Armin Arlert from being swallowed by a bearded Titan. Eren manages to transform into a Titan himself, proving his newfound strength worthy to fight for mankind. Eren earns a place in the Special Operations Squad, a branch of Survey Corps under Captain Levi.

  1. Eren is hunted by a female Titan but is saved by Levi and Mikasa.
  2. The Titan is later revealed to be his classmate Annie Leonhart, who is defeated by Eren but freezes herself.
  3. Upon being chased by more of Annie’s allies, Eren awakens a power known as the “Founding Titan” ( 始祖の巨人, Shiso no Kyojin ), which he subconsciously uses to direct a group of Titans to attack them.

The Smiling Titan reappears and attempts to kill Eren and Mikasa, but Eren uses his power to command another herd of Titans to beat it to death. Soon after, Eren is sent with his friends to an isolated village while preparations are made for a campaign to retake Wall Maria.

Eren is then captured by Rod Reiss, who reveals the Founding Titan was originally in his family for years since their ancestor Karl Fritz created the walls, and that the Reiss family used it to rule until it was stolen by Grisha. Grisha is revealed to be responsible for Eren becoming a Titan, passing the Founding Titan’s power to his son at the cost of his life.

Ranking All Titan Shifters From Good to Evil

Eren’s classmate Krista Lenz, who is actually Rod’s child Historia Reiss, refuses to aid her father and frees Eren. Eren and the Survey Corps led by Commander Erwin depart to Shiganshina to reclaim Wall Maria and battle an army of Titans led by Zeke, the Beast Titan, and his subordinates Bertholdt and Reiner, who are also Eren’s former classmates and the real identity of the Colossal Titan and Armored Titan.

Erwin sacrifices himself in a suicide charge to distract Zeke whilst Levi sneaks up behind him. Zeke kills Erwin and most of the Corps by throwing a volley of boulders at them, with Erwin being nearly sliced in half. Levi fights Zeke after this, slicing open his left arm, slashing his heels open and slicing his eyes out.

He then attempts to subdue Zeke, now in his human form, but he escapes. Armin devises a plan to kill Bertholdt and charges his head on, but Bertholdt uses the collosal’s power to burn Armin to a crisp and almost kill him, but Eren rips him out of his Titan and defeats him.

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Mikasa fires a missile down the Armored Titan’s mouth and thus renders Reiner also immobilised. Levi uses a serum to turn Armin into a Titan, so that he can both be healed and possess the power of the Collosal Titan when he eats Bertholdt. He does so, and Bertholdt begs for forgiveness and mercy from the same people he tried to kill before Armin crushes his skull and devours him.

With Shiganshina secured, Eren and his friends learn of Grisha’s past once they reach the Yeager family basement: Zeke is revealed to be Eren’s half brother and Grisha’s first son, and the people within the walls are revealed to have originated in another nation named Marley.

They learn that humanity exists beyond the walls and that their true enemy is Marley, while they live on an island called Paradis Island, and are a race called Eldians (specifically the “Subjects of Ymir”), descendants of the original titan shifter Ymir Fritz. They learn that in the past, Ymir Fritz’s power split into the Nine Titans that would be passed down to her people.

This power was used to conquer and subjugate many races and nations, including Marley. Marley eventually overthrew Eldia, taking control of Seven of the Nine Titans before oppressing and demeaning the Eldians left on the continental mainland, using them as holders of the Titan powers as a means to conquer and subjugate other nations, just as the Eldian Empire had once done.

  1. Eren learns that he has a limited lifespan as a side effect of being a holder of two of the Nine Titans’ power, including the titular “Attack Titan” ( 進撃の巨人, Shingeki no Kyojin ), along with the Founding Titan, only having 8 years left to live.
  2. Four years later, assumed to have been fending off Marleyan infiltrators with the new Colossal Titan Armin, Eren is leading the Survey Corps in an extraction of Zeke in Liberio following Marley having won its war with the Mid-East Allied Forces.

Having his left leg amputated, Eren assumes the identity of “Mr. Kruger” ( クルーガーさん, Kurūgā-san ), a former Marleyan military officer. During the festival held by Willy Tybur to declare war on Paradis, Eren responds with an attack, killing Willy and then devouring his sister to gain the War Hammer Titan’s power.

  1. Eren’s actions result in his arrest but he escapes with a group of Survey Corps members loyal to him called “Yeagerists”, and he resumes his search for Zeke.
  2. Eren makes himself known to Armin and Mikasa, showing antagonism for his friends, and is ambushed by a group of soldiers led by Reiner.
  3. Eren attempts to reach Zeke to activate the Founding Titan’s power, but is nearly killed by Gabi; Zeke saves his brother, turning out to be the one who has control of the Founding Titan’s power, because as a member of the royal family that wasn’t descended from the first King of the Walls, he wasn’t brainwashed by the latter’s will, and because Ymir Fritz, the source of the Founding Titan’s power, was bound as a slave to her royal descendants.

Eren convinces Ymir to help him after giving her the choice to make her own decision. Revived, Eren frees the Titans within the Walls and declares his intent to exterminate all life outside Paradis in order to protect his people, becoming the world’s enemy.

Hange battles the army of Titans but Eren commands them to kill her, which they do via incineration. The Wall Titans destroy all of Marley, as well as the Attack on Titan world’s equivalents of London, Paris, America and Africa, killing most of the world’s population before a team led by Armin fights Zeke, who was hiding on one of the spikes on the spine of Eren’s titan.

They gain the upper hand against him, and Reiner tackles Zeke over but he still manages to somehow escape them. Armin eventually gets trapped in the Paths with Zeke and manages to convince Zeke that life has meaning. Zeke eventually reappears again outside of Eren’s Founding Titan and admires the rising sun over the nightmarish genocide happening right next to him, catching the attention of Levi, who slashes Zeke’s throat and sends his body tumbling off Eren’s titan into the path of The Wall Titans below, killing him.

With Zeke dead, the wall titans begin to meander around and eventually collapse due to nobody controlling them, thus stopping The Rumbling. Armin transforms under Eren’s Titan, causing a shockwave that destroys its body, except the head. Enraged, Eren transforms into a colossal titan similar to Armin’s, and the duo engage in a fight that weakens them both.

During their fight, Mikasa receives a memory of Eren in the Paths asking her to throw the scarf away after his death and be free. Armin grabs Eren’s head and Levi fires a missile directly into it’s teeth, and Mikasa jumps inside his mouth. She finds a mutilated and weakened Eren hanging from the roof of the Titan’s mouth, with hardly enough strength to open his eyes.

To prevent further genocide and to put Eren out his misery, Mikasa uses her sword to decapitate him, before leaving his Titan to fall to the ground onto the remaining Wall Titans. Armin wakes up with a memory of Eren telling him in the Paths his true plan to make his friends heroes by killing him. With Eren dead and 80% of the world’s population exterminated, the Founder’s power is lost and the Titan Shifters rejoice as they are permanently transformed back into humans.

Mikasa buries Eren’s head under the same tree he used to nap under as a child, with a small gravestone to remember him by in the coming decades with a family of her own.

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How old is Eren when his mom dies?

The Attack on Wall Maria – The attack on Wall Maria is a pivotal event in Attack on Titan and serves as the catalyst for Eren’s journey. During the attack, Titans breach Wall Maria and invade the town of Shiganshina, resulting in the deaths of many civilians, including Eren’s mother, Carla.

Which is better AOT or One Piece?

It depends on what you like, for example, if it comes to gore and suspense I would go with AoT. However, One Piece has better fight scenes and you simply just become addicted to the storyline, thinking ‘oh my god, MUST GET NEXT EPISODE!!!!!!!!!!!!’. For me, I also like how the character develops over the series.

How old is Eren in Season 4?

How old is Eren in AOT season 4? – According to AOT’s website, Eren Yeager is 19 years old in this final season. Mikasa Ackerman is also 19. An important thing that many AOT fans might already know is that the Ackermans meaning Levi and Mikasa are special, they do not undergo ageing like others do. Read | Is Jacksepticeye in AOT: Know all about the latest meme on Jacksepticeye

Why is AOT set in 845?

I understand that this can be part of the theory that 845 is included in the overall, “To you, 2,000 years from now” theory. But besides that, where does the year 845-850 come from? 1.) According to everyone, they’ve only been behind the Wall for 107 years (by the time the Marley Arc starts) 2.) It cannot be the Calendar of the Marleyans because they’ve only been in charge for 107 years AND, from what we’ve known, the Eldian Empire is at least 1800 years old.

  • Here’s also something that is pretty neat to think about.1800 years is a long time and in real life, history is often changed, exaggerated, mystified, forgotten or straight up wrong or backwards.
  • However, the Founding Titan has “perfect” memory of ALL it previous vessels.
  • Which means, since the Eldians and Founding Titan had a massive Empire and controlled all others, 1800 years is 1800 years.

(Most likely, of course. Again, it’s not like Founding Titans are famous for sharing knowledge) So, I ask again, why ? It’s not like King Fritz lied in that way. Even the Paridisians think it’s only been 100 years since they built the Walls, so what the hell.

Now, this can all be explained easily with it being something like, 845 years ago was when the Eldians finally conquered the world and formed the first true Empire or whatever. But really, I dont see that happening unless Eren has a specific flashback to this time period for some special reason. If i had to guess.my theory would be that the original timelines given to us by all these second-hand accounts are wrong.

Paradis is older than we think, as are the Walls. The Original Titan War is older than we think, etc. What do yall think? Am I reading too much into this?

Where was AOT based in real life?

3. Burghausen, Oberbayern, Germany – What Time Period Does Attack On Titan Take Place Finally, we have Burghausen, a town in Upper Bavaria that is situated on the banks of the Salzach River. It is perhaps best known for its magnificent castle, which is one of the longest in Europe. The castle has a rich history that dates back to the 13th century, and it was once home to the powerful Dukes of Bavaria.

  • Today, the castle is open to visitors, who can explore its many rooms and learn about its fascinating past.
  • From the top of the castle, you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the surrounding countryside, including the river and the town itself.
  • The castle in Burghausen bears a striking resemblance to the one that serves as the headquarters for the military in the anime.

Of course, Attack on Titan is a work of fiction, and the real places that inspired it are just that – inspiration. But it’s fascinating to see how the creators of the anime were able to draw on the history and architecture of these real-life locations to create a world that feels both fantastical and grounded in reality.

How older is Levi than Eren?

Levi is around 15 years older than Eren. So, At the start of the series when Wall Maria was breached, Eren and Armin were 10 years while Mikasa was 11.

How tall is Levi?

It’s a well-known fact that Attack on Titan’s Levi is short. What sets him apart is how differently he’s portrayed from other small anime characters. What Time Period Does Attack On Titan Take Place Attack on Titan has been a hit since its debut in 2013, and creator Hajime Isayama has continued to shock audiences worldwide with every new development. One character who has had fans hooked since his first appearance is Captain Levi Ackerman, the harsh and anti-social soldier.

Where does AOT take place in real life?

Attack on Titan seems to take place in Germany since many of the names are Germanic. (Jäger =Hunter in German) However a map in the recent manga chapters has shown a world that doesn’t look like ours at all. In fact, the place where they live looks like a upside down Madagascar.

How many years is the time skip in AOT?

AoT’s final season features more twists and turns than ever before, but it’s also kicked off with a 4-year timeskip that occurs between seasons. What Time Period Does Attack On Titan Take Place Many anime series are able to completely consume their audiences and grow into massive pop culture relics, but there’s an unprecedented level of excitement around Hajime Isayama’s Attack on Titan, especially now that it’s completed its story. Attack on Titan presents the audience with shocking ideas right from its start, but it steadily takes greater risks and isn’t afraid to push the series’ characters down dark paths.

What place is AOT based on?

A German inspiration – The universe of Attack of the Titans created by Hajime Isayama, although it is totally fictional, drew its inspirations from reality. Many fans felt that the author was inspired by a German city to create the city of Shiganshina.

Although the author never confirmed it, the city of Nördlingen would be one of his main sources of influence. There are several similarities between the two cities, notably the gothic architecture and the presence of ramparts. The Fortified City of Nördlingen – The Real-life Attack on Titan City – YouTube Bassam9M 312 subscribers The Fortified City of Nördlingen – The Real-life Attack on Titan City Bassam9M Search Watch later Share Copy link Info Shopping Tap to unmute If playback doesn’t begin shortly, try restarting your device.

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Why did AOT take 4 years?

The reason why the delay existed was to make sure, that the manga is far enough ahead so that they don’t require any filler at all and might even be able to improve small things of the manga.