What Time Does Verizon Store Close?

What Time Does Verizon Store Close

Is it better to go to a Verizon store or an authorized dealer?

6. Return and Warranty Policies – Return and warranty policies for purchases made at Verizon Corporate Stores and Authorized Verizon Retailers may vary. It is essential to check with the specific store for information about their policies. Sometimes, the retailer may have their own policies, which could be different from Verizon’s policies.

How do I talk to a person at Verizon customer service?

Schedule a call with us. – Sign in to My Verizon to schedule a time for a Customer Service Representative to call you. Or, call us directly at 1.800.VERIZON (1.800.837.4966) for assistance. Wait times may be longer than usual during an emergency.

How long does it take to get a phone from Verizon?

What shipping options are available and what are the shipping charges?

Shipping Type Order By Cost
Ground 3-5 days 4 PM ET Free
Next Day by 8 PM 6 PM ET $12.99
Priority Overnight 6 PM ET $14.99
Saturday 2 4 PM ET $19.99

Can someone else pick up my phone from Verizon?

Only account owners or managers can pick up the order. Access the Verizon Pass through the My Verizon App, and scan it to authenticate at stores.

Is Verizon a good phone company to have?

Reasons to avoid – – T-Mobile Connect prepaid plans have a hard cap on data Verizon may be our top-ranked wireless provider, but T-Mobile is close behind, thanks to some terrific plans and extensive 5G coverage. With plans that cost a little bit less than Verizon’s, you may find the Uncarrier to be a compelling alternative for your wireless service.

Let’s talk about those plans for a moment. T-Mobile has the best unlimited data plan in the business, with its $70 Magenta plan that bakes taxes and fees into the cost of the plan and also lets you use your data when you’re overseas (albeit at slower speeds). The new Go5G adds extra hotspot data, increases the data you can use traveling in Mexico and Canada and makes it easier to upgrade your phone more frequently.

It costs a little more than Magenta, but a current promotion that waves the cost of a third Go5G line, makes it the best family cell phone plan, as it costs less than four lines of Magenta. If you need more, consider either Magenta Max or Go5G Plus plans offer better travel and streaming service benefits — you get an Apple TV Plus subscription, for example.

T-Mobile’s Go5G Next Plan is the most expensive at $100/month for one line, but you’re able to upgrade to a new phone every year. If you don’t need unlimited data, T-Mobile’s 3.5GB and 6.5GB Connect plans are among the cheapest you’ll find; there’s also a $10/month 1GB plan for folks who need just the basics.

Those plans also include 5G coverage, a nice benefit for such a budget offering. In our LTE network testing, we found T-Mobile’s LTE download speeds were fast, even if Verizon and AT&T both finished ahead of the Uncarrier the last time we tested. More recent testing by Ookla gives T-Mobile a clean sweep of top speeds for both 5G and overall.

  • Rootmetrics continues to give T-Mobile the nod as the carrier with the fastest and most available 5G coverage.
  • As for 5G, T-Mobile’s 5G service now reaches more than 326 million people across the country.
  • Of that total, 285 million can access its faster Ultra Capacity 5G service; T-Mobile says it’s targeting 300 million at some point this year.

The perks T-Mobile customers receive continue to set this service apart from rivals. Weekly T-Mobile Tuesday giveaways include prizes and benefits while T-Mobile’s Team of Experts program also provides excellent customer service to subscribers. Family plan subscribers can get the cost of a Netflix account covered as part of their plan, and even Magenta and Go5G customers get a six-month trial to Apple TV Plus.

How do I call Verizon from outside the US?

Call the International Support Team to get help while traveling, +1-908-559-4899. If your device is lost, stolen or broken or you experience a device issue while you’re traveling outside the US, reach our International Support Team from any landline phone: Enter your country’s toll-free number.

What are the hours for Verizon support?

Verizon Premium Technical Support Note: This product is no longer available for purchase. It has been replaced by, Verizon Premium Technical Support is there when you need it, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Verizon Premium Technical Support customers enjoy the convenience of a single, toll-free number.

What is Verizon’s $35 a month plan?

Do I really need an unlimited Verizon plan? – Unlimited data plans are becoming the norm from carriers, with many doing away with their other types of plans. Verizon does have some other prepaid plans with limited that may work for some users, but its post-paid shared data plans don’t offer a compelling value compared to its unlimited plans.

  1. If you don’t frequently stream video and music, you may be able to get by without an unlimited plan.
  2. Verizon has a 15GB prepaid plan for $35 a month that would likely be a great value for anyone who doesn’t watch a lot of video on the go, and it even allows you to use that data for mobile hotspot.
  3. Even if you watch the occasional video on mobile data, 15GB of data offers plenty of flexibility.

If you’re not sure how much data you use in a regular month, you should be able to check on your phone. Many phones will track how much data you’ve used each month, so you can have a look toward the end of the month and see whether you’re using enough to justify an unlimited plan.

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Can you get a new phone same day?

Get your new cell phone activated and delivered today. Same-day cell phone delivery is available 7 days a week when you place your order online by 3 p.m. local time (2 p.m. on Sunday) and choose Same-Day Delivery in checkout. Orders placed after the deadline will be delivered the next day.

Can I get a new phone at Verizon same day?

In-Store Pickup: If you’ve chosen to upgrade your phone and pick it up at a local Verizon store, you can often get your new device the same day.

How fast can you switch to Verizon?

Keep your number (and bring your own device, too). – Some people put off switching because they’re worried about getting a new phone number. Others might want to switch providers and BYOD — especially if it was a recent purchase. Good news: if you’re hoping to keep your current number or bring your own device, you may be able to do both. Keeping your phone number when switching to Verizon Wireless is usually quite easy. Local number portability is a government mandate that requires wireless and landline service providers to let customers keep eligible phone numbers when changing providers.

  1. If you want to keep your number, make sure not to cancel your service with your current provider until you’ve ported your phone number to Verizon.
  2. Once the port is complete, your service with your old carrier will automatically be cancelled.) There’s no charge from Verizon to transfer your number, and your old phone will continue to work during the transfer process.

If you want to switch to Verizon and bring your own device, make sure it’s compatible with the Verizon Wireless network. If so, you may be eligible for a $250 rebate. Making the switch. If you’re planning a switch to Verizon, it’s best not to cancel your current service so you can keep your phone number and maintain cellular service.

Wireless numbers usually take between 4 and 24 hours to transfer, while landline numbers can take between 2 to 10 business days. If you can, arrange an alternate contact number for emergencies in case the process takes longer than expected. With a few simple steps, you can be up and running on Verizon’s network in no time.

Learn more about Verizon Unlimited plans, and find one that fits your family. Check out the latest deals from Verizon on smartphones, accessories and more. Choose from our 5G unlimited plans – all on the same easy-to-manage account. This content is provided for information purposes only. All information included herein is subject to change without notice. Verizon is not responsible for any direct or indirect damages, arising from or related to use or reliance of the above content. : Use Your Existing Phone to Switch to Verizon

Do you need ID to pick up phone from Verizon?

The Account Owner or Account Manager must be present at pickup and must bring: A valid government-issued photo ID. The physical credit card or debit card used to place the order online.

Does Verizon lock their phones?

Does Verizon support unlocked phones? – It’s illegal in the U.S. to unlock a phone without the carrier’s consent, so never pay a 3rd party who promises to hack the lock code. But don’t worry — carriers must give the code to consumers at no cost, so long as they meet certain criteria.

  • Among wireless carriers, Verizon provides an unlocking policy that’s both generous and straightforward.
  • To combat theft and fraud, Verizon locks all prepaid and postpaid devices for 60 days (check out the full Device Unlocking Policies ).
  • After that time, Verizon automatically removes the lock and will not lock phones again at any time.

An exemption to Verizon’s 60-day lock period is provided to military personnel who receive relocation orders outside of Verizon coverage area. In this case, contact Verizon’s Customer Service to unlock a device at any time and suspend service. The Verizon BYOD Program (Bring Your Own Device).

  1. Have an unlocked smartphone you own and love? You bring the phone, Verizon supplies the plan — and a $250 prepaid Mastercard when you switch (plus another $100 if you switch your tablet, too).
  2. Activate your existing eligible smartphone on a new Verizon prepaid or postpaid plan, transfer your number from any wireless carrier and then visit vzw.com/digitalrebatecenter to redeem this special offer within 30 days.

To ensure voice and data work properly, only select BYOD devices with approved hardware and software for use on the Verizon Wireless network. To see whether your unlocked phone meets the criteria, check our Bring Your Own Device page.

Can I swap phones on Verizon by myself?

Yes, if the device you want to switch to is no longer active on the account, you can switch to it. Note: You won’t be able to switch a device if it is active on a different account, if there’s still a balance due on it or if fraudulent activity is associated with its Device ID.

Why buy directly from the manufacturer?

Advantages & Disadvantages of Buying Products Directly from the Manufacturer – Gone all those days when manufacturers were dealing only with retailers and wholesalers to move their products to the consumer end. All thanks to the Internet, it has made things simpler and now, people can access product manufacturers more easily. First of all, the most important fact is the manufacturer of a particular product is an expert. Furthermore, manufacturers go through every stage of design and production and thus, they know every detail and feature of a particular product. They provide the best advice for any customer who wants to make a purchase for their requirement.

  1. So, when you go to the manufacturer to buy a product, you seek specialized advice from them and a number of options from a large range of products.
  2. You can also go for the customized options and get a particular product manufactured of the required specifications.
  3. You can also get the products at low and better prices.

Purchasing a product directly from the manufacturer means, you are eliminating the middle person i.e. retailer or wholesaler who buys products at a low price and adds extra margin while selling. Thus, you are avoiding those extra expenses by purchasing directly from the manufacturer.

Therefore, it becomes more beneficial for a consumer as they buy products at a lower price, receive more specialized customer service, design features, etc. In addition, if you want to buy any solar products or batteries for your application needs, you can purchase them directly from the manufacturer which is called direct purchasing.

Furthermore, solar panels or battery manufacturers design, manufacture, and brand their own products into the market. They bring out new technologies into the market and re-design the older products if their demand starts decreasing. The solar panel and battery manufacturers sell their products in two ways: directly to the end-user or through a number of authorized distributors.

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What are the weaknesses of Verizon?

Weaknesses – While Verizon has several strengths, like any company, it also has some weaknesses. Here are a few weaknesses of Verizon:

High Prices : Verizon’s services are often more expensive than its competitors. This can be a turnoff for cost-conscious consumers and businesses. Limited Geographic Coverage : Verizon has a strong network infrastructure, but its coverage is not universal. This can limit its appeal to customers in certain regions. Limited International Presence : While Verizon is a global company, its presence outside the United States is limited. This can limit its ability to compete with companies with a more extensive international footprint. Heavy Dependence on Wireless : While Verizon has diversified its business offerings, it is still heavily dependent on its wireless services for revenue. This can make the company vulnerable to shifts in the wireless market. Customer Service Issues : Verizon has faced criticism for its customer service in the past. Some customers have complained about long wait times, poor communication, and other issues. Improving customer service is an area where the company could make improvements.

Who is the #1 cell phone carrier?

Best Overall : Verizon – Enjoy business features like a mobile virtual private network (VPN) and go almost anywhere as Verizon networks cover the vast majority of the United States. Pros

Choose from over 65 different smartphones Unlimited mobile hotspot Discounted pricing for additional phone lines


International calling is an add-on feature Unlimited plans are pricey

With an extensive national network, Verizon is the leading wireless provider. It receives top scores for network coverage, speed, and reliability. Verizon’s plan and device flexibility, combined with excellent business features, makes it the clear winner in our best overall cell phone provider category.

Unlimited calling, texting, and data while in Mexico and Canada Frequent specials on phones with buy-one-get-one-free offers Verizon call filter feature Unlimited mobile hotspots, with speeds depending on your plan Enhanced security bundle with device management and mobile endpoint security on Pro and Plus plans

Verizon gives extra savings when you add more lines. For example, for one phone line, you’ll pay $70 to $95 per month. With five or more lines, the price drops to $30 to $45 per month per line. You can also add international calling for $5 to $15 per month. The following prices reflect a $5-per-month savings for paperless billing and autopay. Verizon business plans consist of:

Business Unlimited Start: $70 per month for one line or $30 per phone per month for five phones Business Unlimited Plus: $80 per month for one line or $35 per phone per month for five phones, 100GB premium network access Business Unlimited Pro: $95 per month for one line or $45 per phone per month for five phones, with no throttling.

Is Verizon losing a lot of customers?

Why is Verizon losing customers? – Simply put, Verizon isn’t doing enough to keep its customers. T-Mobile has been touting its 5G network’s superiority and the combination of the best value and the best network for a few years now. Verizon attracted a lot of customers by building a better network in the 3G and LTE eras, but that’s no longer the case in the 5G era.

  • And while this has been true for a while, T-Mobile said it still has work to do in changing consumer perception.
  • It appears to be working.
  • Customers have historically been hesitant to leave Verizon because they came to the carrier for its network superiority, and they couldn’t trust another network if they switched.

But T-Mobile is making it increasingly easier to try its network with a simple three-month trial during which they don’t have to change anything. AT&T, for its part, remains aggressive with its device promotions, offering the same device subsidies to existing customers as it gives new customers.

  • That’s been effective in reducing churn, although management says the reduction is thanks to its 5G investments.
  • Third-party network testers might disagree, consistently ranking AT&T’s 5G network worse than Verizon’s and T-Mobile’s.
  • Verizon also said involuntary churn – customers whom it is forced to drop because they have payment issues – returned to pre-pandemic levels last quarter.

That produced a bump in churn, but investors can hope that Verizon can recapture those users either with updated payment information or switching them to prepaid plans. Unfortunately, Verizon is also struggling on the prepaid side. The company lost 351,000 prepaid customers last quarter, although much of that was from its government-subsidized brand.

Does Verizon offer better deals online or in-store?

Is it cheaper to buy Verizon phones online or in-store? Usually, if you see a deal at a Verizon store, it is available online. On the flip side, Verizon often has online exclusive deals. It might be cheaper to buy online if you can find one of these deals.

Can you trade in your phone at a Verizon authorized retailer?

How to trade in your mobile device

    Use our page and you won’t have to go to a Verizon store (unless you want to bring us your old device). Just provide the information about your devices and we:

    1. Estimate the trade-in value.
    2. Give you shipping options.
    3. Appraise your trade-in when it arrives.
    4. Issue your credit or Verizon Gift Card within 1-2 billing cycles.

    To find out the estimated value of your device, answer the questions about its condition on the page. Our calculator tells you the estimated market value of your device and any additional promotional value you may be eligible for. When we receive your device and verify that it meets the description you provided, we’ll apply that final appraised value to your trade-in.

To trade in a device that’s on an active line and keep the line active, you must first swap another device onto that line. Devices that are active on a device payment agreement aren’t eligible for trade-in until the agreement has been paid in full. You can purchase / trade together, or you can purchase a new device and then trade in an old device later – and still get a promotional value.

  • To get the promotional value, you must wait until your new device arrives (even if it’s backordered) before you can apply to trade in an old device.
  • To apply for this kind of trade-in you must be logged in to My Verizon.
    You can trade in these devices:

    • Smartphones
    • Tablets
    • Smartwatches
    • Basic phones
    • Mobile hotspot devices
    • Netbooks
    • 3G prepaid phones that have been active for at least 6 months
    • 4G prepaid phones that have been activated and at least the first month payment has been made

    We don’t accept these devices for trade in:

    • Vehicle Diagnostics or Delphi Connect
    • Samsung Galaxy Camera®
    • Other connected devices

    For more information, visit our, Yes. If your mobile device has no trade-in value, you can recycle it. Use our to find Verizon stores that recycle mobile devices and mobile cables and charges. Enter your ZIP Code and filter for “Verizon Company Store”. Note: Authorized Retailer locations don’t accept devices for recycling.

    Here are your options for trading in a used mobile device to Verizon:

    • Verizon mobile customers: Choose Manage Device in My Verizon, or sign in on our page to start your trade-in.
    • Not a Verizon customer yet? Visit the page to see the estimated value of your device, shop new devices and plans, or opt for a Verizon Gift Card or PayPal credit. We can even recycle your old devices for free, even if they have no appraised value.
    • Bring us the device you want to trade. Use our and filter for “Verizon Company Store”. Authorized retailers don’t accept trade-ins.

    To learn how to trade in your old device, watch our or read our, Return your trade-in device with the battery in place. Don’t ship the charger, SD card, SIM card or other accessories with your device. No trade-in value will be provided for these items, and they won’t be returned.* *If you were given the option to bring your old device to a Verizon store, we also accept their associated cables and chargers for,

To get your device to us, you can either:

  • Bring your device and UPS QR code to a UPS drop-off location. They’ll pack and ship your device. Here’s where to find the UPS QR code:
    • The code displays during your trade-in request.
    • We send it to you via email.
    • Sign in to, Orders > My Orders to view the code.
  • Bring your device to a – no packaging required.
    • Use our Store Locator and filter for “Verizon Company Store”.
    • Authorized retailers don’t accept trade-ins.
  • Request a shipping kit during the online trade-in.
    • If you requested a shipping kit but can’t find or didn’t receive it,,
    • Send in only one device per package. If you requested shipping materials from us and did not receive the right quantity, contact the trade-in care team.
  • Use your own shipping materials and print a label.

Need to change your trade-in method? Visit our, When we receive your device:

  1. We send you an email confirmation.
  2. Your device(s) is appraised and you get an email with the final appraised value based on make/model, eligibility and condition.
  3. You receive credit for your device(s) in one of these ways:
    • Account credit applied within 1-2 bill cycles.
    • Verizon Gift Card, sent to the email address you provided during your trade-in request. This takes about 2 weeks from the time we receive your device and you accept the Agreements.
    • PayPal credit within 2 weeks of receiving your device.

Note: Verizon is committed to keeping e-waste out of landfills. If we can’t refurbish your old device for someone else to use, we will recycle it responsibly. Read about our social responsibility policies. You can check the status of your trade-in online any time.

  1. Use your submission ID or the email address you used when you first made your trade-in request: Note: If you don’t have your submission ID, sign in to and view My Orders,
  2. If you misplaced your shipping materials, visit our,
  3. Use your submission ID or email address to order a new kit or print another label.

If you no longer want to trade in your device, call us at 800-416-8894 or and request that your trade-in be canceled. If you’ve already shipped your device, it cannot be returned. iPhone is a registered trademark of Apple Inc. : How to trade in your mobile device

How much is the activation fee for Verizon authorized retailer?

Verizon will now charge more money for in-store activations of new phones Verizon is altering its activation fee structure to incentivize customers to buy new phones online,, Prior to this week, the standard activation fee, both for an in-store activation and when purchasing a new phone online, was $30.

  1. Now, Verizon says you can save $10 by buying a new phone online, paying only $20 to activate it, while doing so via a Verizon brick-and-mortar retail store will now cost you $40.
  2. The changes go into effect on Thursday, CNET reports.
  3. Typically, these activation fees tend to increase or decrease depending on a number of conditions, like whether you’re on a prepaid plan or a monthly one, and whether you’re buying a new phone on a new line of service or just upgrading a device on an existing line of service.

At the moment, it’s unclear what conditions these new Verizon terms apply toward, but it would seem likely they apply to both upgrades and new device activations, according to CNET, It’s not clear why Verizon wants to charge more for in-store activations These price changes put Verizon slightly under fellow carriers for online purchases, although every big telecom has adjusted the cost of the fees both up and down over the years.

  • The exception is Sprint, which tells The Verge it now waives activation fees for online purchases for new customers and also waives both online and over-the-phone activations for upgrades on existing lines, so long as the phone itself was leased through Sprint and the lease is up.
  • For in-store activations, Sprint charges $30.

AT&T still charges either $25 if you’re bringing our own phone to the network, or $45 if you’re on one of its virtually phased out two-year contracts, which are only available for select phones. T-Mobile, on the other hand, says it doesn’t have an activation fee, but does in fact charge you $25 for a SIM starter kit that is effectively the same as an activation fee.

  1. In this case, it’s not clear why Verizon is charging more for in-store activations, although CNET reports that the company is saying the process involves the “full-service experience,” whatever that means.
  2. Correction: A previous version of this article says Sprint charges $30 for both online and in-store activations.

That is not true; Sprint now waives the $30 fee for online activations of new devices on new lines, and also waives the fee for upgrades to leased devices on existing lines, so long as the lease is up. : Verizon will now charge more money for in-store activations of new phones

Are customers loyal to Verizon?

Verizon now lags T-Mobile on both those metrics. However, Verizon is still doing well with customer loyalty. Net loyalty intent measures the difference between the percentage of customers who say they plan to keep the service over the next 12 months and the percentage who say they plan to switch.