What Episode Does Jon Snow Come Back To Life?

What episode does Jon Stark come back to life?

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The Jon Snow death in Game of Thrones was a major blunder and failed to shock viewers, with fans already anticipating his resurrection due to hints in the books. The showrunners pretended to trick audiences into believing Jon’s death was permanent, but fans knew better and felt patronized by the show’s attempt to create surprise. Game of Thrones season 8 did not justify Jon’s death fakeout, as his resurrection had little impact on the story and his character lacked purpose, making the decision to kill him off feel meaningless.

While the series was known for killing off characters fans love, the Jon Snow death in Game of Thron es was a misguided attempt to shock viewers and ended up being one of the biggest blunders. There have been unpopular decisions in Game of Thrones, including the majority of the show’s final season.

  • Most of the less-than-stellar decisions that showrunners David Benioff and D.B.
  • Weiss have made have been balanced out by stunning plot twists, battle scenes, and Westerosi intrigue.
  • However, one of their worst ever decision still leaves a bad taste in fans’ mouths: the Jon Snow death in season 5 and subsequent resurrection in season 6.

Jon Snow dies in the Game of Thrones season 5 finale “Mother’s Mercy,” he is stabbed to death under a sign that read ‘traitor’ by a faction of the Night’s Watch who hated Jon for bringing the Wildlings south of the Wall. The final blow was dealt by Jon’s own protégé Olly. What Episode Does Jon Snow Come Back To Life The Jon Snow death fakeout hasn’t just aged badly — it wasn’t received well when it aired either. It’s easy to see why the showrunners thought they may be able to get away with actually convincing fans that Jon was dead (and not coming back). A Dance With Dragons ends Jon Snow’s story with the Mutiny at Castle Black, so in both A Song Of Ice And Fire and Game Of Thrones, fans are left on a cliffhanger with Jon stabbed by his men and Jon Snow dies.

  1. What Benioff and Weiss did not factor in, however, was the fact that the fandom had learned that Jon Snow dies when A Dance With Dragons came out in 2011.
  2. Book readers had already had four years to speculate on how Jon Snow could come back to life,
  3. By the time Jon Snow died in Game of Thrones season 5, dedicated fans were already convinced not only of his return, but how it would happen, before his body was even cold.

The fact that the stabbing happened in the books years before meant that the mutiny itself had essentially no shock value for book fans, and there was no real debate over whether Jon would return in season 6. As far as deaths go, Jon’s had surprisingly little impact.

Does Jon Snow come back in Season 8?

Game of Thrones season 8 saw the fate of Jon Snow a.k.a. Aegon Targaryen finally decided – so what does his future now hold? What Episode Does Jon Snow Come Back To Life To the surprise of many, Game of Thrones ‘ season 8 finale ended with Jon Snow not on the Iron Throne, but instead returning to join the Night’s Watch as his punishment for killing Daenerys Targaryen. It’s a fate that brings Jon’s story full circle, as Game of Thrones began with the “Stark bastard” choosing to take the black and head to the Wall, with the ambition of protecting the realms of men.

However, the White Walkers have already been defeated, the Wall compromised, and the men of the Night’s Watch almost entirely eradicated, so taking the black doesn’t mean what it used to. Many viewers were left wondering why Jon went back to the Wall. The Jon Snow spinoff and Game of Thrones sequel — the working title of which is Snow — is bound to reveal more about the fate of the last known living member of House Targaryen after the divisive conclusion of the original series.

While Snow is yet to be assigned an official release date or window, House of the Dragon season 2 being slated to drop in 2024 means that the Jon Snow spinoff could arrive by 2025. For now, here’s everything viewers might’ve forgotten about why Jon went back North.

Why did Melisandre resurrect Jon Snow?

That is, she will try to resurrect Jon because she comes to believe that he is Azor Ahai, and not Stannis. She may see some glimpse of this in her fires, or at least see herself resurrecting Jon without knowing why she’s doing it.

Is Jon Snow alive in last season?

Jon Snow – What Episode Does Jon Snow Come Back To Life One of the first characters to appear in Game of Thrones ‘ pilot episode and who survived in Game of Thrones, Jon Snow’s resilience through the end of the series was unsurprising to many. While Jon Snow did technically die in Game of Thrones ‘ season 5 finale, he was resurrected by Melisandre a few episodes later, which allowed him to officially resign his post as Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch.

Jon was soon established as the King in the North, leading the so-called bastard son of Ned Stark to gather forces against the Night King. Along the way, Jon created an alliance with Daenerys Targaryen in which he bent the knee and named her Queen of the Seven Kingdoms after the two fell in love, only for Jon to discover that he’s the trueborn son of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark.

After Daenerys sacked King’s Landing and murdered thousands of innocent citizens, Jon Snow killed Dany while embracing her as what he felt to be his final honorable act. Exiled to the Night’s Watch, Jon Snow’s Game of Thrones story ended as he went Beyond the Wall and lived among the Freefolk.

What episode is Jon Snow reborn?

3 How Littlefinger And Olenna Tyrell Poisoned Joffrey His Wedding – What Episode Does Jon Snow Come Back To Life Given how hated Joffrey Baratheon was, seeing him killed at his own wedding in Game of Thrones was a crowd-pleasing moment. Though Tyrion Lannister was tried for the murder, it was eventually revealed Littlefinger and Olenna Tyrell were behind it. Still, many were unsure of how it was carried out.

How old is Jon Snow Stark in Season 8?

12 Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow – What Episode Does Jon Snow Come Back To Life Aged 13 in the book series, Daenerys Targaryen is a child bride married off to Khal Drogo, which could be a reason for Dany’s fall from grace, Game of Thrones ages Emilia Clarke’s Daenerys Targaryen up to 16/17 for the beginning of Season 1. By the final season, Daenerys would be around 24 years of age, approximately ten years younger than actress Emilia Clarke.

Why was Bran made King?

How Bran Stark Won the Game of Thrones – What Bran Becoming King of Westeros in GoT Finale Means HBO Bran is now the King of Westeros. In the, the leaders of the Westerosi kingdoms got together and decided to elect Bran the Broken their ruler. It was Tyrion’s suggestion—he had a lot of time to consider his options while he sat in a cell—and nobody took much convincing.

Sansa alone had one condition: That the North become an independent kingdom,, Bran granted her that freedom without hesitating, and she in turn supported his assent to the throne. Bran also later agreed to to a life at the Wall in the Night’s Watch to appease the Unsullied. After the bloodshed and confusion of Dany’s very short stay in King’s Landing, peace was finally achieved.

Tyrion’s reasoning for suggesting Bran was simple: Bran held all of the stories of Westeros. He knew its people, their fears and joys, and times of war and peace. A storyteller, Tyrion reasoned, could unite every person in every kingdom and prevent them from repeating the bloody mistakes of their past.

And this storyteller had one hell of a story himself: He survived a terrible fall to learn to fly and braved the lands north of the Wall to become the Three Eyed Raven. Plus, he couldn’t have children to take the throne after him, potentially setting up some type of meritocracy in Westeros. It’s not democracy—not even close—but hey, it’s better than a tyrannical Dragon Queen.

Did Bran, with his Three-Eyed Raven powers, ? Who knows. His all-seeing abilities were limited to the past and the present, but he occasionally caught glimpses of the future. If he was aware that he’d one day be king, with Tyrion Lannister as his Hand, and Brienne of Tarth, Bronn, Samwell Tarly, and others on his council, he didn’t let on.

  • Bran was never one for making things easy.
  • Right now, it looks like his powers will come in handy for tracking down Drogon, at least.
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  • As for the far-fetched theory that because he was touched by the Night King, we saw no hint of that in the series finale.

He seemed even-keeled and calm, ready to take on the challenge of ruling thousands of people. He’s yet to be corrupted by his power, and so there’s hope. And he seems eager to lean heavily on his council. So there you have it: Bran the Broken is the King of Westeros. What Episode Does Jon Snow Come Back To Life Sarah Rense is the Lifestyle Editor at Esquire, where she covers tech, food, drinks, home, and more. : How Bran Stark Won the Game of Thrones – What Bran Becoming King of Westeros in GoT Finale Means

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Did Jon Snow become a wildling at the end?

In the Game of Thrones finale, Jon Snow joins the wildlings beyond the Wall after being exiled to the Night’s Watch. Here’s why it’s a plot hole. What Episode Does Jon Snow Come Back To Life Jon Snow on Game of Thrones portrayed by Kit Harrington The final season of Game of Thrones was riddled with bizarre character choices and glaring plot holes, including two specific ones concerning audience-favorite Jon Snow (Kit Harrington). So, what happens to Jon Snow? For eight seasons of Game of Thrones, Jon Snow was a member of the Night’s Watch, tasked with defending the Wall against what lay beyond: the barren North and its Wildlings.

  1. After discovering the threat of the White Walkers, who were led by Game of Thrones ‘ Night King, Jon Snow allied himself with the Wildlings and attempted to use his new position of King in the North to unite the Seven Kingdoms against the White Walkers.
  2. He achieved this by swearing fealty to Daenerys, but after Daenerys burned King’s Landing, Jon killed her.

His punishment was being sent back to the Night’s Watch. However, the final shot of Jon Snow in Game of Thrones showed him leading a group of Wildlings back beyond the Wall. What happens to Jon Snow is that his ending ignored the redundancy of the Night’s Watch and undermined the political state of Westeros after Game of Thrones ‘ ending, both of which were plot holes.

Is Lady Melisandre good?

Trivia –

In the sixth season of the TV series, she is revealed to be a hideous old crone who hid her true appearance via her enchanted necklace. This is a scene which was not presented in the current novels before The Winds of Winter, In the show Melisandre was for a while one of the targets on Arya Stark’s list who is currently alive and well, but later she removed her name from the list. In the A Song of Ice and Fire series they never met each other. Melisandre is not considered a villain by many fans. She is not considered a villain by the very creator of the series George R.R. Martin, who has called her the most misunderstood character in the series. Melisandre is more villainous in the show, such as mocking Davos over the death of his son. In the books, she expressed sympathy for loss of his four sons on the Blackwater and even tries to prevent him losing more sons, being impressed by his loyalty to Stannis. Melisandre’s true, elderly form, appearing in the Season 6 premiere, is never shown in the published novels, so it might be a potential spoiler of the upcoming The Winds of Winter,

As David Benioff points out in the “Inside the Episode” featurette, the novels already gave some hints that Melisandre is actually far older than she seems, and is using a magical “glamor” to project an outward image of youth. It was already a major theory circulating among book readers for some time, given Melisandre’s thought to herself that she has been practicing her magical arts “for years beyond count”, and Davos’ description that her appearance is so perfect as to seem unnatural and artificial: her proportions a little too perfect, her skin so flawless that is has no blemishes whatsoever, her hair so red it is the color of red copper ( not a natural human red hair color). In the fifth novel, Melisandre reveals that she outright has the power to project glamors on other people, when she projects the image that the Lord of Bones is actually, and has him burned at the stake in his place (though the showrunners have stated Mance simply dies in the TV version). Melisandre directly explains to Jon that her glamors only affect mental appearances and perceptions in other people’s minds – she doesn’t actually “shape-shift” the way that the Faceless Men do. Moreover, a point is made that Melisandre never takes her elaborate necklace off in the novels, which contains a red jewel that glows when she uses her powers.

An inconsistency in the TV series is that when Melisandre is taking a bath in “Mockingbird”, she doesn’t have her necklace on at all. In universe, it is possible that she can briefly take it off for certain periods of time (in “The Red Woman”, she wanted to see her true form in the mirror), though out-of-universe it’s possible that getting the prop necklace wet might damage it. Also, Melisandre has been heavily using her magical powers of prophecy lately trying to see the future through the flames, so her glamor might be under a heavier strain. The scene revealing Melisandre’s old form has disturbed many audiences and it is considered to be one of the most infamous scenes in the series. While she is still alive in the books, in the show, she willfully accepted her own death after the Battle of Winterfell. With the Night King destroyed, Melisandre’s mission in the world was accomplished, so she removed her magic necklace and died of old age.

Did Melisandre seduce Jon Snow?

HATED HER: Trying To Seduce Jon Snow – What Episode Does Jon Snow Come Back To Life Stannis wanted Jon Snow’s help in order to defeat the Boltons and take the North. Stannis even offered to legitimize Jon and make him a Stark. Determined to remain loyal to the vows he made as a brother of the Night’s Watch, Jon refused the offer. Due to Jon’s familiarity with Winterfell, Melisandre knew he could provide an invaluable tactical advantage for Stannis.

Does Jon Snow get a dragon?

How Jon Snow Rides a Dragon on ‘Game of Thrones’ HBO WARNING: This post contains spoilers for Game of Thrones Season 8, Episode 1. The first episode of Game of Thrones Season 8 came with a number of satisfying moments for fans. Some of them we already saw coming, but one moment came as a pleasant surprise: Jon finally rode a dragon.

Who is the richest actor in got?

On-screen brothers Peter Dinklage and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau had the joint highest estimated net worth at around 16 million U.S. dollars apiece.

Why is Jon Snow’s hair black?

For many people, this question might sound like just a simple query. However, for die-hard Game of Thrones fans, the matter of why does Jon Snow (a Targaryen) have black hair is a matter of heated debate and countless theories. Why is someone’s hair colour so important in the world of Game of Thrones ? Because it might be undisputable evidence of said individual’s heritage, and that’s something that Game of Thrones doesn’t take lightly.

RELATED: King Viserys’ Prophecy Will Be Fulfilled In The Jon Snow Series In Jon Snow’s case, however, having black hair becomes a paradox. In the early seasons, the fact that Jon had black hair was meaningless to the plot: he was, after all, Ned Stark’s bastard son. However, once his true parents were revealed, it became increasingly difficult to answer why Jon Snow had black hair.

Jon’s ebony locks contradict what we know about genetics in Game of Thrones and real life. It is usually the case that the parent’s genes are dominant, which is why Ned Stark was so surprised to see that Robert Baratheon’s dark brown hair wasn’t passed on to any of his children, thus confirming Cersei and Jaime’s affair. First, we have to consider why all the Targaryens have the same silver hair. This family has always been known throughout Westeros for two things: dragons and incest. Why does Jon Snow have black hair? Because he isn’t a “pure-blood” Targaryen: his mother, Lyanna Stark, has the same dark auburn, almost pure black hair as his, thus explaining, more or less, why his hair isn’t Targaryen silver.

In House of the Dragon, we see an example of the Targaryen silver hair as a recessive trait in Rhaenyra’s children, who all have their father’s – Harwin Strongs – brown hair. If we follow the A Song of Ice and Fire books, we’ll find that Jon Snow also has dark hair in the novels, although his hair is described as being dark brown rather than jet black as it is in the show.

From a genetic perspective, it seems like the reason why Jon Snow has black hair is that his father’s genes couldn’t beat the Stark ones. In the words of Jon Arryn: ” the seed is strong,” There’s also another possibility that could explain why does Jon Snow have black hair.

Instead of focusing on genetics and some other real-life knowledge about genetic traits and whatnot, let’s focus on what A Song of Ice and Fire really is: a fantasy series. RELATED: Game Of Thrones’ Night King Would Be Perfect For Mortal Kombat This answer might even sound downright cynical, but one of the reasons why Jon Snow has black hair is that it is convenient for the plot.

If a Stark bastard was seen running around Winterfell with a full head of silver hair, it would raise some serious concerns from anyone. Targaryens had been reviled for years following the Mad King’s rule, so anyone with even a speck of silver on their head could have been considered an enemy of the new king.

Who does Sansa Stark end up with?

A Storm of Swords – In the third book, Sansa is invited to dine with Margaery and her grandmother, Olenna Redwyne. The two women seek to learn the true nature of Joffrey Baratheon now that he and Margaery are betrothed. In turn, Olenna suggests that Sansa should marry her grandson Wilas Tyrell.

  1. Sansa reveals the marriage plan to Ser Dontos, who warns her of the Tyrells; however, Sansa develops a close friendship with Margaery and is excited about becoming a part of her family.
  2. However, when Tywin learns of the marriage plot he schemes to have Sansa’s brother Robb Stark killed, knowing that would leave Sansa to inherit Winterfell and the North.

He then commands his son Tyrion Lannister to marry Sansa. Tyrion is initially opposed to the marriage, but is eventually enticed by the prospect of becoming Lord of Winterfell, and so agrees to marry her. Sansa is shocked one morning to learn that she is being fitted for a gown to marry Tyrion that day.

Joffrey taunts Sansa and acts on behalf of her father to give her away during the ceremony to add further insult. Sansa ignores Tyrion and refuses to bend as he attempts to put his cloak around her, a marriage ceremony custom in Westeros. In turn, Joffrey commands Ser Dontos to act as a stool so that Tyrion can cloak his bride in spite of his short stature.

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At the banquet, Sansa dances with many lords, who offer words of comfort; however, Joffrey merely threatens to rape her. Tyrion intervenes and states a desire to castrate Joffrey. After the wedding ceremony, Tyrion chooses not to consummate the marriage due to Sansa’s lack of desire in him.

  1. It is not long before many in King’s Landing come to know that the marriage was never consummated.
  2. Not long after Sansa’s marriage, Joffrey and Margaery are wed and afterward a grand feast.
  3. At the wedding, Joffrey is poisoned.
  4. As Joffrey begins to choke to death, Cersei orders both Tyrion and Sansa arrested, but Sansa manages to flee in the chaos.

Once in her room, she gathers her belongings and notices that one of the amethysts from her hairnet, a gift from Ser Dontos, is missing. Sansa immediately realizes that the prince had been poisoned and starts to doubt Ser Dontos’ rescue plan. Understanding that she will be implicated in the murder of Joffrey, she chooses to flee King’s Landing with the knight anyway.

Ser Dontos is later killed by Petyr Baelish, who reveals that he is the mastermind behind nearly all of the capital intrigue. He reveals that he was the one who sent Dontos to her and that Olenna took the amethyst from Sansa’s hairnet. Baelish smuggles Sansa to safety in the Vale of Arryn, where she poses as his bastard daughter Alayne Stone.

She is taken to her aunt Lysa Arryn, now married to Baelish. Lysa declares that Sansa must marry her sickly boy Robert, heir to the Vale. Petyr Baelish and Lysa are wed; however, Lysa becomes jealous when she witnesses Baelish kissing her niece. Lysa later attempts to murder Sansa, but she is saved once again by Baelish, who kills Lysa.

How old is Melisandre?

How Old Is Melisandre During House Of The Dragon? – What Episode Does Jon Snow Come Back To Life If Carice van Houten’s assertion that Melisandre is about 400 years old during Game of Thrones is to be believed, this would mean that during the time in which House of the Dragon is set (173 years before Daenerys), she would be more like 220 years old.

As such, Mel is one of only a few characters from the original Game of Thrones show who could theoretically appear in House of the Dragon, as no one else from the original (save for the Night King, who’s many millennia old) would have been born. As of now, there’s no evidence to suggest that Melisandre will make such an appearance, but thanks to the reveal that every King in Game of Thrones knew about the coming Winter, it’s certainly possible that The Lord of Light and his minions would also have been aware, meaning that Mel could actually be a relevant character in House of the Dragon,

Plus, given that she gains her youthful Carice-Van-Houten-esque appearance from her accessory, the Red Woman could even be played by the same actress. Whatever the case, it would be interesting to see the character again after her noble death in Game of Thrones at the approximate age of 400 years old.

Is The Lord of Light the true god?

Beliefs – What Episode Does Jon Snow Come Back To Life Prayer ceremonies dedicated to the Lord of Light center around bonfires. The religion of the Lord of Light is centered on belief in the existence of two deities, in the words of Melisandre : “A god of light and love and joy, and a god of darkness, evil, and fear, eternally at war.” R’hllor is the god of fire, which provides light, heat, and life, and struggles against darkness, cold, and death, represented by an opposing deity, the Great Other, What Episode Does Jon Snow Come Back To Life Adherents believe they receive visions from the Lord of Light by staring into flames. The Lord of Light’s worship involves the idolization of fire and light. Shadows are important too as they are “created by light”. The religion is very focused on prophecy, and on ecstatic visions that are received through communion with the flames.

Melisandre claims to receive visions about the future from the Lord of Light by staring into fires. Unlike the religions of the Old Gods in the North or the Drowned God of the Iron Islands, the faith of the Lord of Light is stated to possess several holy texts, similar to the Faith of the Seven, While the Faith of the Seven believes in Seven Heavens and Seven Hells, this religion states that the current world that everyone lives in now is considered to be “hell”, the only hell, but the Lord of Light will save His faithful adherents from this darkness.

The followers of the Lord of Light also believe in the coming of a chosen warrior to combat the coming darkness, the Prince That Was Promised, who is prophesied to be reborn “amidst smoke and salt” and wield the sword Lightbringer,

Does Jon Snow change after resurrection?

Death and resurrection has effects on a person, and certain changes in Jon Snow’s personality do seem to be the results of his experience.

Who is the strongest Stark?

1. Bran Stark – What Episode Does Jon Snow Come Back To Life Image used with permission by copyright holder Who has a better story than Bran, the Broken? Arguably everyone else in the show. Alas, Bran Stark won the game of thrones; that much is true. The young boy went beyond the Wall and became the Three-Eyed Raven, holding a power that allowed him to be everywhere and see everything; in his words, he lived in the past.

Bran became the memory of Westeros, arguably giving him all the insight he needed to be a capable king who wouldn’t make his predecessor’s mistakes. As the new King of the Andals, the First Men, and the Rhoynar, Bran is the most powerful individual in Westeros. His supernatural abilities further add to his position, making him unique among the continent’s rulers.

Bran ends the show as the undisputed winner of the game of thrones; even more impressive is the fact that he never even played it, which is basically a middle finger to everyone else who tried and failed to sit on the ugly, pointy chair. You can stream all 8 seasons of Game of Thrones on HBO Max.

Is Jon older than Daenerys?

GOT’s Jon Snow And Daenerys Targaryen Are So Much Younger Than We Thought

  • Remember when your English teacher dropped the bombshell that Romeo and Juliet were technically children, with Juliet estimated to be approximately aged 13, while Romeo was pushing on 16, and you were totally freaked out?
  • The kids fell in love, got married, then killed themselves around about the same age we were cracking open our first bottle of Barcardi Breezer.
  • Anyway, prepare to feel that shock all over again because we’ve just learned how young Game of Thrones ‘ Jon Snow And Daenerys Targaryen are meant to be.
  • *Spoiler alert*

What Episode Does Jon Snow Come Back To Life HBO

  1. As we now all know, Daenerys is Jon Snow’s aunt (Ned Stark’s sister, ran away with Rhaegar Targaryen, Dany’s much older brother and, to cut a long story short, Jon was born) so we kind of suspected the Dragon Queen and her nephew might be around the same age.
  2. But, given their wrinkle-free skin, we thought they pushing on late 30s – at the very most.
  3. Now, according to Game of Thrones Wiki fan, Jon was born in 281 AL (AL = Aegon’s Landing) and Dany was born in 282 AL, so there’s actually just one year in age between the pair.
  • Season 7 of the hit show is currently set in the year 304 AL, which makes Snow approximately 23-years-old and Dany aged 22, give or take a few months.
  • I’m sorry, but what now?
  • These ragamuffins are strolling around beyond the wall, riding dragons and fighting to take over Westeros and they’re the same age as we were when we finally moved out of our parents’ house and learned that council tax was very much a Thing.

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: GOT’s Jon Snow And Daenerys Targaryen Are So Much Younger Than We Thought

Who is the youngest Stark?

Season 1-3 – Rickon Stark is Lord Eddard and Lady Catelyn’s youngest child, naturally aggressive, and strong-willed. His black direwolf Shaggydog shares these qualities. When Theon Greyjoy captures Winterfell in Season 2, Rickon hides in the crypts with Bran, Hodor, and the Wildling woman Osha.

What episode does Jon Snow meet Daenerys?

Rendezvous In The Dragonglass Caves – “The Spoils Of War” S7.E4 – What Episode Does Jon Snow Come Back To Life Jon and Daenerys’ meeting in the caves of dragonglass beneath Dragonstone is warmer than their first. The King in the North shows Dany pictures of the White Walkers drawn by the Children of the Forest, and the two reminisce about history. Daenerys repeats Jon’s words to Mance Rayder from season 5 to the stunned king.

What season does Jon become king?

Jon’s fate might’ve seemed ironic but it was also appropriate. What Episode Does Jon Snow Come Back To Life It is common knowledge, even among those who haven’t watched it, that the last season of Game of Thrones left much to be desired. There were multiple issues, almost too many to count — including, but not limited to, how rushed it felt and how relevant plot points were forgotten or neglected, leaving salient loose ends.

  1. Furthermore, some characters’ flimsy and untoward fate was unsatisfying or downright disappointing.
  2. Upon reflection, years after its May 2019 finale, Jon Snow ( Kit Harrington ) cannot be considered one of them.
  3. On the surface, it may have seemed unfair that, after everything he’d been through, Jon ended up right where he began: in the North.

However, this may very well have been the most appropriate outcome for the beloved character. In the first season of Game of Thrones, Jon’s journey begins with his desire to become a member of the Night’s Watch. He wants to “join the watchers on the Wall” not only because he considers it to be an honorable order in part thanks to his uncle Benjen Stark ( Joseph Mawle ), but the Watch’s core values also lead him to believe that his social status as a bastard will no longer be held against him.

  • Little does he know the winding path that joining the sworn brotherhood will send him on.
  • Since the beginning, Jon’s aspirations are modest and throughout the series, he never manifests a desire for anything like greatness, fame, or money.
  • What he does want, however, is to stop being treated like the illegitimate Stark child.
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But even at Castle Black, where he thinks he will be treated like any other man, there are still people like Ser Alliser Thorne ( Owen Teale ) who will constantly remind him of his roots. Jon always keeps what he deems as realistic goals in mind. When he’s assigned as the Lord Commander Jeor Mormont’s ( James Cosmo ) steward, Samwell Tarly ( John Bradley ) has to point out to him the real possibility that this position is intended to prepare him to take on the role of Commander someday. What Episode Does Jon Snow Come Back To Life Image via HBO On his first mission north of the Wall, Jon has his first encounter with how being in a position of power can prompt honorable men to make immoral choices for the greater good. In Season 2, he realizes that Commander Mormont is aware of Craster ( Robert Pugh ) offering his newborn sons as sacrifices to the White Walkers.

Regardless of Mormont’s explanation, Jon has trouble wrapping his head around this — so much so that in Season 3, when he is trying to ingratiate himself with Mance Rayder ( Ciarán Hinds ) to be accepted as part of the wildlings, he first tells a lie before resorting to a partial truth: “I want to fight for the side that fights for the living.” Although he has ulterior motives and no intention of deserting, his disillusionment with the order he’d admired is real.

While Jon is technically undercover for the Watch, he gains a new appreciation for the freedom the wildlings enjoyed, partly thanks to his lover Ygritte ( Rose Leslie ). While among them, he is not treated like a bastard and even forswears some of the Watch’s vows.

When the moment of his leaving comes, it is plain to see that the decision to betray Ygritte splits his heart. He’d loved her, as he later admits, but he chooses to abide by Maester Aemon’s ( Peter Vaughan ) advice: “Love is the death of duty.” Duty always comes first for Jon, no matter how much sorrow it brings him.

Ygritte leaves a lasting impression on him and his time with her, and by extension with the wildlings, is clearly when Jon feels the freest in his life. Ygritte had been right to say Jon knew “nothing” in the first few seasons, nothing in comparison to what he later learns with experience.

  • When he is first placed in a position of leadership and made Lord Commander in Season 5, what happens to him will definitely cement his belief that he is not built for it.
  • Jon does not do well amidst political intrigue; he does not have the same ingenuity as characters like Tyrion Lannister ( Peter Dinklage ), who thrive in that unpredictable environment.

He is always too honest, honorable, and conscientious, much like his uncle Ned ( Sean Bean ). “Have you ever considered learning how to lie every now and then?” Tyrion asks him in Season 7, Episode 7, “The Dragon and the Wolf.” He hasn’t, because Jon’s moral code always comes before anything else to the point of selflessness. What Episode Does Jon Snow Come Back To Life Image via HBO In Season 6, Jon ends up as King in the North not because he has sought the title but because others see him as worthy. He admits so himself in Season 7, Episode 2, “Stormborn,” explicitly telling the lords and ladies of the North: “You all crowned me your King.

  1. I never wanted it.
  2. I never asked for it, but I accepted it because the North is my home.
  3. It’s part of me and I will never stop fighting for it no matter the odds.” He considers it his duty, not as something he’d ever desired.
  4. In this way, he clearly stands out from characters like Daenerys Targaryen ( Emilia Clarke ) or Cersei Lannister ( Lena Headey ), who actively strive to be in positions of power.

When Sansa Stark ( Sophie Turner ) tells Jon that he’s good at ruling in Season 7, Episode 1 “Dragonstone,” his immediate response is an unequivocal no. He has no qualms transferring his duties to her when he is required to leave Winterfell and meet Daenerys in Dragonstone, precisely because, although he lacks confidence in himself, he has no doubts that Sansa will be up to the task of acting as his delegate.

  1. Whatever position of leadership falls upon his shoulders, be it Lord Commander or King in the North, it is never because he chases after it.
  2. At the end of the day, Jon is simply motivated to do what he judges to be the right thing.
  3. Beyond not wanting to be the ruler of Winterfell, Jon certainly does not want to be King of the entire continent.

Even after learning about his true parentage, and that he is a member of the House Targaryen, he doesn’t feel compelled to seize the Iron Throne per his birthright. In Season 8, Episode 2’s “A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms,” when he reveals his secret to Daenerys, she says, “That’s impossible” and his response is simply “I wish it were.” Regardless, he is ready to support her quest for King’s Landing to seize power in spite of having a more legitimate birthright. What Episode Does Jon Snow Come Back To Life The only place wherein Jon feels truly free was North of the Wall with the wildlings. Much like his uncle Ned, he would have never felt at home in the South. In a beautiful display of irony by the series finale, he ends up where he had wanted to be when his story began, making his journey a perfect full circle.

This time around, however, the Night’s Watch and the wildlings are not on hostile terms. The relationship between the two factions becomes as Jon had wanted it to be, which dismantles his dilemma in regard to picking a side. In theory, Jon could have attempted to claim the Iron Throne thanks to his birthright; however, that would’ve defeated the point of his character.

Jon Snow never wanted to be Ned Stark’s bastard, Lord Commander, King in the North, nor King of the Seven Kingdoms. By being sent to the Night’s Watch, he is exempt from the responsibility of ruling, something he’d never considered himself fit for, no matter what anyone told him.

What happened to Jon Snow after Season 8?

Game of Thrones No Longer Needed The Night’s Watch – What Episode Does Jon Snow Come Back To Life Even if the argument that Grey Worm shouldn’t have had a say in the matter is disparaged, the punishment itself was also a plot hole. The Night’s Watch didn’t need to exist anymore. In Game of Thrones season 1, the Night’s Watch had two purposes: to protect the realms of men from Wildlings and to protect them from White Walkers,

Ultimately, it failed at both. Wildlings were no longer seen as the enemy by the end of season 8. While they would not bow to a southern king, they also wouldn’t attack Bran’s kingdom (or Sansa’s for that matter). The White Walkers had also been vanquished once and for all. Therefore, the Night’s Watch was made redundant by Game of Thrones ‘ conclusion.

What happens to Jon Snow is that he was sentenced to a life defending the Wall from figments of the past. A punishment for murdering the queen would have been tolerable. However, there were many punishments that would have made more sense than returning Jon to the Night’s Watch at Game of Thrones ‘ end,

Do Jon Snow and Robb Stark reunite?

Eternals star Richard Madden has spoken up about this hysterical Game of Thrones reunion with Kit Harington, Ever since the casting was announced, fans of the HBO series were delighted to hear that Jon Snow and Robb Stark would be back together on the big screen.

During a conversation with ScreenRant, Madden joked that they noticed some very interesting coincidences on the set of Eternals, (I mean, there’s a character named Sersi for Pete’s sake.) Both of these performers have been friends for a while. Also in their circle is Gemma Chan, so they all had a big laugh about how life brought them all back together for this Marvel Studios picture.

It sounds like that reunion talk wasn’t exactly top of mind for the trio as they were working on Chloe Zhao’s epic though. Check out what they had to say down below: “.I think we kind of forgot. Me and Kit have been friends for so long, and Gemma too.

  • We’ve gone out and had dinner as well when we were shooting, so suddenly the three of us were kind of standing on the street chatting and it’s like, “Oh God, we’re at work! We’re not actually just the three of us being friends here.
  • That’s what kind of was a bit throwing us off, rather than any Game of Thrones version of things.

It’s just that I was there with my friends at work,” Madden said. He talked to Wonderland Magazine about his time in the MCU. “It’s hard to get that lightness but that’s what’s so important, to get these lighter moments when we can. I’d love to do some more comedies.

  1. I do feel like I end up playing a lot of serious things,” the actor observed.
  2. I think it’s not representative of me but you get affected with what you do, what you spend all your day doing, so that’s why I’d love to do something lighter so my day is affected with lighter things rather than the end of the world stuff.” Marvel producer Nate Moore talked about the energy Harrington brought to the role during a set visit with Comicbook.com.

“Black Knight is an interesting character in that, he’s a normal guy who is tortured to some degree by his lineage, but is a normal guy,” Moore added. “And Kit, I think brought a humanity to Jon Snow. I was also a fan of some of his comedic work, like the sort of the tennis HBO mockumentary.