What Does Wym Mean In Text?

What Does Wym Mean In Text

How do you respond to WYM?

What Does WYM Mean? Snapchat, Texting, and More

  1. “WYM” most often stands for “what you mean?” on Snapchat. This abbreviation is basically a request for more information or guidance. It has the same meaning as the full sentence, “what do you mean?” Other abbreviations including WYM are:
    • “WDYM” means “what do you mean?”
    • “DYM” means “did you mean?”
    • “IKWYM” means “I know what you mean.”
    • “IDKWYM” means “I don’t know what you mean.”
    • WYM is usually written in capital letters, although some may use lowercase letters.
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  1. “WYM” also means “what you mean?” over text. On top of texting, this definition applies to WYM on Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, and all other social media platforms. You’re being asked for clarification when you see a “WYM” in your texts and social media messages!
    • You : “Today could NOT end faster. 😩”
    • Them : “WYM? You okay?”
  1. 1 Use WYM to ask for clarification. When someone sends you a message, and you’re not entirely sure what they mean, try sending them a quick “WYM.” Once the other person sees the abbreviation, they’ll know you didn’t understand—and hopefully explain themselves a little better.
    • Them : “Can’t come to the party tonight, sorry 😢”
    • You : “WYM, you can’t come??”
    • Them : “Homework got too intense, and I’ve really gotta study.”
  2. 2 WYM can also be used to disagree with someone. WYM can also express disbelief or annoyance with something that has been said. Use it to indicate your disapproval and get an explanation for the differing opinions simultaneously. For example:
    • Them : “I didn’t like the last Spider-Man movie.”
    • You : “WYM, it’s amazing!!”
    • Them : “Agree to disagree? 😬 I just thought the ending wasn’t that satisfying.”
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  1. 1 Clarify your meaning. When someone sends you WYM, they want a better explanation of something you’ve said. Go ahead and give them what they’re asking for, so you can get on the same page with your messaging buddy!
    • You : “Thanks again for watching my cat today! Did you see the instructions I left?”
    • Them : “Yeah, I did! I’m a little confused about WYM with filling the electronic feeder, though.”
    • You : “Oh, no problem! Let me explain it differently. 😊”
  2. 2 Give additional details. Someone who texts WYM might also be looking for extra information that you’ve left out—either intentionally or accidentally. If you notice that you’ve neglected a few details, go ahead and share them once you’re prompted with WYM.
    • You : “This week will be rough!”
    • Them : “WYM?”
    • You : “Oh, didn’t you hear? My car broke down yesterday! 😭”
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  1. “WYM” sometimes means “watch your mouth” instead. It’s a more aggressive way to tell someone that you don’t like what they said and get them to rethink what they say in the future. If someone upsets you with an insult or ignorant words, “WYM” will let them know you’re unhappy.
    • Them : “She was wearing the ugliest sweater today! She’s so weird.”
    • You : “WYM! She’s a sweet person, and you shouldn’t talk about her like that.”
    • The context of a message usually tells you which WYM definition is being used. They’ll ask “what you mean?” if you text about something that could cause confusion. They mean “watch your mouth” if you say something that could be impolite.

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What does WYM stand for IG?

WYM is an internet slang word that stands for ‘ what you mean.’ Many people use the abbreviation WYM in online conversations, particularly in chat rooms and social media platforms like Instagram.

What does WYM stand for on snap?

What Does WYD Mean? Snapchat, Texting, and More

  1. 1 Over text, WYD means “What (are) you doing?” Typically, WYD is an informal way to start a convo with a friend or crush, similar to “What’s up?” The sender wants to know what you’re actively doing right now. They may also be checking to see if you’re free to chat or hang out.
    • You may see WYD with or without a question mark. Either way, WYD is always a question. The sender is expecting a response.
    • You might see WAUD or WUD (which also means “What are you doing?”) but these abbreviations are a lot less common.
    • When sending WYD through texting, the person is usually trying to keep it simple and act like they’re not putting too much investment into the moment, even though they are reaching out.
  2. 2 Sometimes, WYD is used rhetorically as a sarcastic comment. In this situation, the abbreviation is used by someone who’s annoyed or angry. WYD will appear sarcastically at the end of their scathing or judgy comment.
    • “You left the door unlocked again, WYD?! 😩”
    • “You didn’t vote in the election? WYD with your life??”
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  1. On social media, WYD also means “What (are) you doing?” The person wants to know what you’re up to and is expecting a reply. This meaning applies on all social media platforms, including Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.
    • On dating apps, WYD is sometimes used to initiate a booty call. It still means “What are you doing?” but the subtext is “Are you free to hook up?”
  1. 1 Start a casual convo with a friend or crush. If you want to reach out via text or social media and see what they’re up to, WYD is a super easy way to do that. Keep in mind that WYD is really informal, so you wouldn’t want to use it in an email to a teacher or manager. You might say:
    • “Hey Stefan! 👋 It’s been a minute. WYD?”
    • “WYD bestie?”
  2. 2 Lead with “WYD” before asking a friend or crush to hang out. Go this route if you want to make it clear immediately that you’re trying to make plans with the person. You could say:
    • “WYD? Wanna go bowling? 🎳”
    • “Hey, WYD today? Let’s meet for lunch.”
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  1. 1 Let the person know what you’re up to right now. Typically, WYD is a literal question, so if it’s your bestie, just tell them what you’re up to! You don’t necessarily have to tell the truth if you don’t like the person or you think they want something. If it’s someone that’s flirting with you, you could also try replying playfully. For example:
    • Your bestie: “haaaay WYD right now?” You: “Just listening to music and reading! 📚 🎶 HBU?”
    • Someone you’re avoiding: “WYD today?” You: “Super swamped with homework. TTYL”
    • Someone you’re flirting with: “WYD?” You: “You know what I’m doing. 😉”
  2. 2 Accept or decline their invitation to hang out. If WYD is followed by an invitation, be sure to address that when you respond to the sender. For example:
    • Them: “WYD later? Let’s hit the mall.” You: “K! 🎉 Meet you there in an hour.”
    • Them: “Hey wyd, u free for lunch” You: “Can’t today, my sister is home from college so we’re chillin”
    • Guy on Tinder: “wyd girl” You: “😒 booty calls aren’t my jam bro”
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World Youth Day. World Youth Day is an annual event organized by the Catholic Church. It’s pretty unlikely the sender is referring to this event, but you never know! You can always ask if you need clarification.

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Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 363,426 times. : What Does WYD Mean? Snapchat, Texting, and More

What does WYM mean from a girl?

‘WYM’ or ‘wym’ is an acronym that stands for ‘ what you mean,’ a shortened way to say ‘What do you mean?’ This is very informal and is mostly used in text messages and social media.

How to flirt when someone says wyd?

How to Respond to “What Are You Doing?” 16 Flirty Replies

  • Get flirty by making jokes about how you’re not doing anything, using flirtatious emojis like the winky face, or telling the person you’re thinking about them.
  • If you’re feeling bold and you’re certain they like you, reply with something like “I was just wondering when you were going to ask me out” to make a move.
  • If you’re not close with the person or you’re unsure what they want, keep things polite and vague with phrases like “I’m not up to much, thanks! How are you?”
  1. Joke about your boredom to pave the way for an invitation. If you’re not busy and hoping your crush will ask you to do something or go somewhere, make it clear your schedule is wide open. Then, to keep the conversation light and flirtatious.
    • “Not much, just keeping myself busy with important things like laying down, watching Netflix, tweeting.”
    • “Nothing right now, besides looking at my vacuum and hoping it will just clean my apartment for me”
    • “Nothing. Might do something really fulfilling and make a PB&J soon. You?”
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  1. Mention the shows or music you like to see what you have in common. Tell your crush or friend what you’re watching, even if you don’t have it on your screen at that exact moment. Then, ask if they’re familiar with it. If they are, you’ve got something to talk about. If not, you have something new and interesting to share with them!
    • “Just started watching the new Dr. Strange movie. Are you a Marvel person?”
    • “I can’t stop watching House of the Dragon, Have you seen it?”
    • “Listening to the new Carly Rae Jepson on repeat! You’ve gotta listen if you haven’t heard it.”
  1. Show off your pets to share them with a crush and keep the chat going. Send a photo or short video of your dog, cat, lizard, or other animals (bonus points if you’re in the photo looking happy and cute, too). This is a great way to be open and friendly without directly flirting, in case you’re not sure how they feel about you (or vice versa).
    • “Just giving Mittens some scritches. Look at how cute she is!”
    • “Playing fetch with Roger! He goes nuts for nerf footballs.”
    • “It’s bath time for Bella. Look at this spoiled pup 😍”
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  1. Bond over homework you both have if you need something to talk about. Use this if your friend or crush is in your class and you’re not sure how to keep the chat going. It gives you both an opportunity to complain or talk about something you have in common, plus you might actually get some good help out of it!
    • “I’m staring at my computer wondering why I signed up for AP European history 🤦”
    • “I’m trying to find the motivation to read for class tomorrow. Have you done it yet?”
    • “Trying to coordinate my group for this comparative politics project. How’s your group managing?”
  1. See if they want to join you last-minute for a low-key activity. Ask if they want to grab a drink, get lunch, or even run some errands with you. Invite them to almost anything you like as long as it’s low-pressure or convenient (for example, asking them to be your plus one to a wedding at the last minute might be too much).
    • “Hey! I’m starving and was just about to grab lunch. Wanna come?”
    • “I was just about to buy tickets to see Don’t Worry Darling tonight. Want me to get you one?”
    • “Gotta run some errands downtown. Wanna come?”
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  1. Add a flirty emoji to make a mundane answer seem playful. Do this to show you’re open to some and invite someone to make the next move. Try popular flirting emojis like 😉 (winky face), 😘 (blowing a kiss), 😈 (smiling devil), or 🙈 (see no evil). The possibilities are endless!
    • “Just relaxing at home 😈 how about you?”
    • “I’m getting ready for bed 😉”
    • “Hey there 😘 just winding down for the day. You?”
  1. Tease your crush by keeping your activities a mystery. Keep things vague and lighthearted to make them want to keep texting you and “crack the code.” Try a winky face emoji or an “lol” to make sure they know you’re being flirty or —otherwise, it might seem rude.
    • “I could be doing a lot of things right now. Why do you want to know? 😉”
    • “Maybe something, maybe nothingwho’s to say? Lol”
    • “What do you think I’m doing? 3 guesses, go!”
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  1. Give your crush a little push to make a move if you know they like you. This is a bold move, so be sure about how they feel about you—maybe they’ve hinted at it before, or a mutual friend gave you the scoop. If all goes well, their next message will be an invitation to your first date.
    • “Not much, just waiting for a text from you that says ‘Coffee?’ so I can say ‘I’d love to’ 😉”
    • “Thinking about how great it would be if you finally asked me on a date lol”
    • “Just wondering how much longer I have to wait before you ask me to dinner!”
  1. creatively by joking that you’re still figuring out how. If there’s good chemistry between you and you’re ready to, go for it! Say something about how you’re thinking up a funny, unique text to ask them out with. As an extra joke, mention you’ll let them know once you think of something.
    • “Just trying to figure out the best way to ask you out for coffee this weekend 🤔”
    • “I’m crafting the perfect text message to ask you to grab dinner with me tomorrow night. I’ll send it once I think of it!”
    • “Thinking of the best ways to ask you out. I think I’ll go with this: Want to grab smoothies and go for a walk in the park later?”
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  1. Tell them you miss them if you’ve been apart for a long time. Wait to use this reply until you’ve established your feelings for each other—it might be awkward if they just had a question about an assignment! Follow up with a question about when they’ll be back, or what you want to do once you’re reunited.
    • “Just wishing you were here!”
    • “Missing you. Are you sure you can’t cut your trip short? 😉”
    • “Laying dramatically on the sofa, longing for your presence. I’m treating you to a nice dinner when you’re back!”
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  1. if you have or want a physical relationship. Always test the waters or ask if your crush or partner is comfortable with these kinds of messages before getting too explicit. If they are, send something cheeky to invite them over or start a sexting session if getting together isn’t practical.
    • “Not you, unfortunately. But that could change soon.”
    • “Just laying alone in bed, thinking of what we could do if you were here😈”
    • “Just thinking about how hot you are 🤤”
  1. Give a bland answer to keep your activities vague for any reason. Try this when you’re not sure what the person wants or you don’t know them very well—if they want to keep talking, it’ll be up to them to let you know what their point is. A lot of times, “What are you doing?” is just a generic conversation starter.
    • “Hey! Nothing in particular.”
    • “Not a lot, just getting ready for the day.”
    • “Nothing much, just typical Monday stuff.”
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  1. Keep things ultra polite and vague for important people like bosses. Answer with a neutral phrase like “Not much” or “Not a whole lot,” then thank them and ask how they are in return. Also try this for people you know, but you’re not sure what your relationship with them is (like if you’re unsure whether they have a crush on you or are mad at you, for example).
    • “Hi there, I’m not up to much. Thanks for asking! How are you?”
    • “Oh not too much, thanks. You?”
    • “Nothing much! How about you?”
  1. Be real if you’re not living your best life and want to talk about it. Be prepared for a heavier or surprised response since most people expect a neutral or positive reply to “What are you doing?” If you don’t know the person well enough to be open and honest, a generic “Not much!” is more appropriate.
    • “Ugh I’m laying in bed with the worst head cold ever today.”
    • “I’m running late to work. The bus is so unreliable these days!”
    • “Lol I’m bandaging up my finger. Turns out knives are really slippery when you’re washing them!”
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  1. Say you’re busy (even if you’re not) if you don’t want to chat. If you’re actually slammed and want to talk later, make sure to mention you’ll text back when you’re free. If you’re trying to shut down the conversation or aren’t interested in the person texting you, keep it short and sweet to get your point across.
    • “I’m just about to start an important Zoom call. I’ll text you when I’m out!”
    • “I’m really busy right now, sorry.”
    • “Hey, I can’t talk. Long day today.”

Question What should I answer when someone (my crush) types “k” as an answer and I wasn’t expecting that? How should I keep the chat going? Do not respond to “k”. That is desperate. Responding to “k” is pretty embarrassing. Sometimes you need to know when to end the conversation.

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What does wyt mean in text?

Abbreviation for Whatever You Think used in chat rooms, emails, and newsgroups.

What does wyf mean on snap?

WYF meaning on Snapchat – On Snapchat, WYF usually stands for ‘Where You From.’ It’s a direct way to ask someone about their geographical origin or background. While the phrase might seem grammatically incorrect, it’s common in informal online chat and even in some dialects of spoken English.

  1. Sign up to Dexerto for free and receive Fewer Ads | Dark Mode | Deals in Gaming, TV and Movies, and Tech Article continues after ad If you meet someone new on, you might use “WYF” to quickly learn about their background or where they live.
  2. In a group chat with people from different places, someone might also drop “WYF?” as a way to initiate a conversation about everyone’s hometown.

The use of WYF is casual, friendly, and sometimes flirty. It’s a means to gather more context or show interest in the other person’s origins or current surroundings.

What does YK mean?

Someone who sends you YK thinks (or hopes) “you’re kidding.” You’re most likely to receive this abbreviation while chatting with friends, family, or co-workers, after sending something they can’t quite believe. If you were kidding in your previous message, you can respond to YK with “yeah, JK ” (and probably elaborate).

What does WYM mean in dating?

What Does ‘WYM’ Mean? | Acronyms by Dictionary.com WYM is an acronym for what you mean, as in what do you mean? It is used mostly in texting and social media. WYM is also occasionally used to mean watch your mouth. I see ah lot ah girls posting first baby daddy don’t mean nothing 🌏 #wym @405beezy, February, 2018 Wym still affected by the history dude, if u act violent n shit what you expect Andrew Knute, ru-clip.com, April, 2018 Wym I just got my full set done doing that 😂 @JazVendetta, June, 2017 This is not meant to be a formal definition of WYM like most terms we define on Dictionary.com, but is rather an informal word summary that hopefully touches upon the key aspects of the meaning and usage of WYM that will help our users expand their word mastery.

What does OFC mean?

What Does OFC Stand for? – The answer to this question is a matter of context. It’s not like the FBI, which only stands for the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Rather, OFC has wildly different definitions depending on how it’s used. In texting and internet slang, OFC means “of course.” Sometimes, the F stands for a particularly offensive epithet: of f* * *ing course. What Does Wym Mean In Text Granted, there are other definitions, such as “Oceania Football Confederation,” and “Oxford Farming Conference.” But these are less likely to be the ones you’re after. If you’re unsure, focus on the context. If you text a friend asking if you will play board games tonight, and they reply with “OFC,” they mean the sassy “of course.” If your writer friend asks for constructive feedback on their OFC, they probably mean original female character.

What is a ROFL?

Written abbreviation for rolling on the floor laughing : used, for example in an internet chat room, to show that you think something is very funny.

What does FW mean from a girl?

What Does FW Mean? Snapchat, Texting, and More

  1. Fw typically means “f*ck with” on Snapchat. It means the same thing across other platforms like Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, and text as well. When someone says “fw” on Snapchat, it almost certainly mean “f*ck with” or “f*ck wit.” You can use this to mean you like something (“I fw cheeseburgers”), you associate with or like someone (“I really fw you”), or that you’re going to mess with someone (“I’m going to fw Ms. Bradley for giving us homework”). You might say:
    • “I don’t usually like hip hop, but I really fw this new Lil Wayne song.”
    • “I want to fw my mom for grounding me. What can I do?”
    • “You know I fw you! You’re my bff.”
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  1. 1 Use fw to stress how much you like something. Usually, fw is used positively to say you really really like something. It’s a good thing if someone says they “fw you.” If you want to use it yourself, just put “fw” in front of whatever you like!
    • “I fw our history teacher.”
    • “I really fw Nancy. She’s so cool.”
    • “Do you like my sweater? I fw it hard.”
  2. 2 Emphasize how you don’t like something with fw. Throw a “don’t” in front of “fw” and voila! You can let someone know you seriously you aren’t a fan. Whether it’s a person you don’t like or your frustration with some minor inconvenience, this is an easy and casual way to say you’re annoyed.
    • “I cannot fw people who don’t text u back.”
    • “I really don’t fw the way my brother talks to me.”
    • “I don’t understand the appeal of heavy metal. I really don’t fw all the screaming.”
  3. 3 Communicate how attracted you are to someone with fw. You can also use fw to express how much you like someone romantically. If you want to hint at the way you feel, try being a little flirtatious and suggestive with fw when you’re talking to someone you like. You might say:
    • “Your new hairstyle looks cute. I really fw that look on you.”
    • “I fw you 😏”
    • “I really fw the way you smile at me.”
  4. 4 You might use fw to say you’ll interfere with something. People often say “f*ck with” when they mean “bother” or “mess with.” If you want to tell someone that you’re going to annoy somebody or interfere with someone’s plans, you can say that you’re going to “fw them.”
    • “If Molly doesn’t stop talking trash, I’m going to fw her life so hard.”
    • “I don’t know who Mr. Holloday thinks he is, but I’m going to fw him tomorrow if he calls me out again.”
    • “I’m gonna fw my cat by putting cat nip on my desk. She’s going to go nuts.”
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  1. 1 It could mean “forwarding” in reference to email. If you see fw referenced in an email or in a text message about an email, it probably means “forward” or “forwarding.”
    • If someone says, “Can you fw me that history assignment?” they want you to email you whatever message contains your history assignment.
    • If someone says, “I’m going to fw you the email,” they’re saying they’ll send you a copy of someone else’s email.
  2. 2 It might refer to Frederik Willem de Klerk in historical conversations. This is a pretty fringe usage, but on history forums or history convos on Twitter, FW (or FW de Klerk) is probably a shortened version of Frederik Willem de Klerk. He was the South African politician who freed Nelson Mandela. He’s got a pretty long name, so people will use FW as shorthand.
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What does WBY mean from a guy?

What Does ‘WBY’ Mean? | Acronyms by Dictionary.com WBY is a text and chat acronym that means what about you? (or what ’bout you? ). On Twitter, it also often refers to William Butler Yeats ? Just dancing around with a lil piece of cake #wby 🙃 @_michaelajacobs, April, 2016 Person 1: Last night was awesome Person 2: yeah but i feel like death today. This is not meant to be a formal definition of WBY like most terms we define on Dictionary.com, but is rather an informal word summary that hopefully touches upon the key aspects of the meaning and usage of WBY that will help our users expand their word mastery. : What Does ‘WBY’ Mean? | Acronyms by Dictionary.com

What is a Wyt girl?

WYT is also used as an abbreviation for ‘White,’ usually to refer to a white person. WYT. Definition: White (Person)

Can I flirt over text?

Flirting with your crush is nerve-wracking enough (why do you always feel like you’re at a loss for words??) but flirting over text welcomes a whole new dilemma. You can’t rely on small and subtle flirtations like making eye contact, smiling, or gently touching their arm when they make you laugh.

Instead, you have to come up with cute and witty responses (gulp) to show your crush how you really feel via good morning texts and strategically-placed emojis, It’s totally normal to feel a little awkward (and the worry of being left on read is real), but tbh, knowing how to flirt over text is pretty straightforward.

Ask questions, sprinkle in some cute compliments here and there, and yes, don’t underestimate the power of a heart-eyes emoji. After all, you’re just having a fun and lighthearted conversation. Who knows, maybe your flirty texts will turn into a conversation on the phone or IRL, and before you know it, you’ll be planning your first date,

Is WYD dry texting?

Take It From a Dry Texter: Short Messages Don’t Mean Someone Isn’t Interested I can still remember that June afternoon, long and sticky and sun-heavy as I waited for a text back. When it finally arrived, four hours later, it sparkled across the screen like jewels: “Cool.” The message I’d sent previously read, “Just at the park.” Two hours before then, hers read: “How’s ur day?” If I’d been on TikTok back then, some girl in a towel headband doing a 10-step skincare routine in the mirror would have probably told me in a New York accent that I should know my worth and cut off this dry texter immediately.

  1. Or maybe she’d have told her that.
  2. Maybe one of us would have believed her.
  3. But half a decade later, my partner and I still message each other in this relatively functional way.
  4. Where u at?” “Going shop.” “Cool.” In person, we’re affectionate, the type of couple you’d feel a boiling rage towards for being slow and stuck together on the pavement.

But over text we mainly keep it to-the-point, as if it’s the ’90s and we’re on our pagers. When one of us is away, we might send more—photos, updates, I love yous, etc.—but more often than not we’re what are widely referred to as dry texters. Two dry texters, being dry together.

  • As a phrase, “dry texting” is relatively recent in the grand scheme of things.
  • It refers to people who reply with one word, or don’t carry the conversation and just say things like “lmao” and “wyd” until the receiver wants to tear their hair out,
  • The opposite, I suppose, are funny back-and-forths, long paragraphs peppered with in-jokes or feelings or passing thoughts.

When someone’s a dry texter, especially during the dating stage, online lore says that they’re, or they’re too busy messaging other people, or they’re simply boring, or some winning combination of all three. “If they wanted to, they would,” people love to say online, and that seems to apply to messaging you at all hours of the day and dropping whatever they’re doing to reply in an appropriately timely manner.

  1. The thing is, I’ve always been a relatively dry texter—not just with partners, obviously, but with friends and family as well.
  2. When I was 12 or 13, I used to exchange scrunched-up notes across the classroom.
  3. My school best friend once remarked how cold I sounded on paper, and that it made her laugh.
  4. I remember feeling taken aback—I didn’t feel cold towards her, I felt warm.

She was my favorite person. Was I supposed to write kisses on the notes? “No, but most people say more than just, like, ‘Okay.'” : Take It From a Dry Texter: Short Messages Don’t Mean Someone Isn’t Interested

What to say when a guy says wtm?

What Does WTM Mean? 5 Meanings and How to Use Them

  1. 1 “WTM” is usually short for “what’s the move?” If a friend of yours hits you up on a Friday or Saturday night with a text that just says “WTM?” it’s short for “what’s the move?” This is a laid-back way of asking “what are we doing tonight?” Notably, they’re also presuming that the two of you are automatically meeting, so this is for sure what they mean if the two of you discussed hanging out previously. Someone might say:
    • “Jimmy! WTM tonight?”
    • “WTM? We going to Sandy’s place, or what?”
    • “Hey, WTM tomorrow?”
  2. 2 “WTM” may be shorthand for “what’s the matter?” If you’ve been dealing with a tough issue lately or someone in your life knows that you’re in a rut, “WTM” is likely short for “what’s the matter?” This is your friend or family member’s way of checking in to see if you’re alright. Someone could text or message you:
    • “Hey, you’ve seemed down lately. WTM?”
    • “WTM? I just saw you posted you’re going through a rough time. Anything I can help with?”
    • “U ok? WTM?”


  3. 3 In some cases, “WTM” stands for “whatever that means.” If someone seems frustrated by unclear instructions, confusing homework, or vague comments, “WTM” probably means “whatever that means.” It’s their way of venting frustration about something that’s annoying them. For example, someone might say:
    • “Casey told me to ‘go for it’ WTM.”
    • “I asked the teacher for help and they just said, ‘use the formula’ WTM. It’s like, c’mon now, actually help me!”
    • “Apparently Jason wants us to meet up for a pow-wow tomorrow WTM.”
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  1. 1 Send a sole “WTM?” (what’s the move) to ask your friends what’s up. You can use “WTM” to probe your friends for info on what’s going on. When you use it this way, the connotation is that you’re trying to meet up and do something, but you don’t have any particular plans. If you’re looking for something to do, you might text or message someone:
    • “WTM tonight? Are you trying to hang?”
    • “I heard Jane is throwing a party tonight, but idk. WTM?”
    • “Are you going out tonight? WTM? I need something to do.”
  2. 2 Use “WTM” (what’s the matter) to check in on people. If you see someone posting on Instagram about how sad they are, or you get a Snapchat message from a friend who “needs to talk,” you might send them a “WTM” message. You could say:
    • “Hey, WTM? You doing alright?”
    • “I saw you were upset at school today. WTM?”
    • “Are you okay? WTM? I’m worried about you.”
  3. 3 Send “WTM” (whatever that means) when you’re confused. If you want to convey annoyance or frustration with someone’s vagueness, you could use “WTM” to signal that you aren’t happy with the info you’ve been given. Whether you’ve got a boss who fires off ambiguous memos or a teacher whose homework looks like hieroglyphics, you can use “WTM” to let some steam off. You might say:
    • “It sounds like Ms. Jones wants us to ‘find the cosign of the value’ WTM. It’s unclear on what value she’s talking about.”
    • “They used the word ‘flabbergasted’ WTM lol.”
    • “I freaked out when they asked me where I saw myself in 5 years. I said ‘On top,’ WTM.”
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  1. 1 Respond to “WTM” (what’s the move) by explaining where the party is at. If someone wants to know what the move is, it means they want the scoop on where you (and all of your mutual friends) are hanging out. Respond to this kind of “WTM” message or text by telling them what your plans are. If you don’t have a move to make, let them know. You might reply to a “WTM tonight?” inquiry by saying:
    • “Mike and Angie are going to the Wu-Tang Clan concert, then I’m meeting them at Sharod’s place afterwards. Want to meet me up with us at Sharod’s?”
    • “I don’t have anything to do tonight. If you’ve got anything on the radar, let me know.”
    • “I think there’s a block party on 24th tonight. I was going to check that out if you want to come!”
  2. 2 Reply to “WTM” (what’s the matter) by explaining what’s upsetting you. If someone reaches out to you with a “what’s wrong?” style message, reply by letting them know how you are. If you need help, ask for it! They’re reaching out to support you, after all. If you’re doing alright or you don’t want to talk about it, at least let them know why you don’t want to engage. You might reply to “WTM, you okay?” with:
    • “Hey, thanks for reaching out. Just going through a tough breakup.”
    • “I’m okay. I was just venting because I’m really annoyed at work.”
    • “I’m having a really rough week, but I’m doing alright. Thanks for checking in.”
  3. 3 Respond to “WTM” (whatever that means) by clarifying or agreeing. If a friend seems confused by something in their “WTM” message and you happen to know what’s going on, help them out! If you’re not sure what’s going on either, or it seems like they simply want someone to complain to, reply by agreeing with their assessment. For example:
    • Them: “My doctor says I’m at a normal BMI, WTM”You: “BMI is your body mass index. That’s a good thing, it means you’re a healthy weight!”
    • Them: “My boss said they want a quarterly assessment, WTM.”You: “Yeah, that’s pretty confusing. I don’t think that’s a real thing haha.”
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  1. What They Meant In some instances, “WTM” might be shorthand for “what they meant.” This isn’t a particularly common usage, but it’s close enough to “whatever that means” that you can use it this way instead. Someone might say:
    • “They said that they wanted to buy an Nbox, but WTM was ‘Xbox.'”
    • “I know Mr. Tilsen said not to include references, but WTM was not to include a bibliography. I can almost promise it.”
    • “Melissa said to call her after 11. I know you think that’s PM, but WTM was AM.”

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Should you respond to WYD?

Download Article Download Article It can be hard to respond to a “wyd” text—especially if you aren’t up to much of anything right now. If you’re looking for a reply a little more interesting than, “Not much, hbu,” we’ve got some ideas for you. Keep in mind, the timing of the text is pretty key here.

  1. 1 “Something boring. Wanna hang out? ” The classic “wyd” text is often a kind of weak way of a guy trying to work his way up to hanging out. If you like this guy and you think he likes you, just go for it and save everyone some time. Just answer his question with a short explanation of what you actually are doing and then casually suggest doing something together.
    • This is a good safe way to suggest a low-key date without risking much. If he turns you down or doesn’t seem interested, you can always play it off like you were suggesting a casual hangout.
    • If you do just want to hook up with this guy, you can invite him to your house or try inviting yourself over to his. If you don’t want to hook up, meet somewhere public—especially if it’s late at night.
  2. 2 “Wrapping up some homework. I can’t wait for the weekend!” This is a solid response because it opens the door for him to ask about your weekend plans. If you’d say “yes” to an invitation to a date, this is a safe way to go. You could even ask him what he’s doing! Even if neither of you end up making a move, at least the two of you can continue to casually chat.
    • If you aren’t in school, just briefly mention whatever you’re actually up to. If you wouldn’t mind hanging out right now, don’t make it seem like you’re up to anything particularly interesting.


  3. 3 “I’m just wrapping something up, what’s going on?” Keeping it neutral and a little dull is a good way to test where he’s going with this one. If you don’t want to just make things easy for him—and that’s totally fair if he’s being this lazy—then just don’t make it obvious where your head’s at and let him do the talking. If he earns it, you can always open up and play along later in the convo!
    • If you prefer to playfully test him a bit, you might try, “Really? Is that all you’ve got?” or, “Oh, come on, you can do better than that!”
  4. 4 “Hanging out with my dog. Meet Spike!” Attach a photo of the pup and ship it his way. If you have a cat or hamster, send that instead. Not only will this give you something to talk about, but it will give him a little glimpse of something you care about.
    • Tell him you’re painting or drawing and send him a photo of something you’ve been working on.
    • Mention a movie you’re watching and send him a link to a good scene to introduce your love of film.
    • Explain that you’re playing a video game, send a snapshot, and tell him how you’re crushing it.
  5. 5 “I’m hanging out with friends, we’re just chilling. What’s up?” Mentioning that you’re with a friend or two sends the signal that you’re a social person with an active life. Not only is that an attractive quality, but it also suggests that he may have to do a bit of work to get your attention. The follow-up question puts the ball in his court too, so this is a great way to push him into a more interesting conversation without prying or coming off rude.
  6. 6 “I was just about to text you and ask the same thing! ” This is a bit eager, but if he hasn’t gotten the hint that you like him just yet, this is a good way to make it a little clearer without stating it outright. You also aren’t asking a question, so you’ll put it on him to reply. From there, just let the conversation develop organically and see how things go.
  7. 7 “Hey handsome, I’m not up to much! ” This is direct, playful, and suggests that you’re not busy at the current moment. It obviously signals that you’re interested and it’s flirty, so it pushes him to actually make the next move. This is a good way to open the door for him to ask you out if he wants, but it also leaves him the option to keep flirting if he’s not ready for that.
    • Feel free to add a winky face to make your message extra flirty.
  8. 8 “Unfortunately, not you. ” If you suspect he’s trying to hook up with you and you’re interested in that, feel free to get a little naughty with your response. This kind of reply is also a little funny, so if he doesn’t push to meet up, the two of you can at least continue with some playful flirting.
    • For an even more explicit option, you could say something like, “You if you can get over here fast enough :).”
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  1. 1 Just ignore him if you prefer. Nobody said you have to respond if you don’t want to. If he’s been obnoxiously persistent and rude, or you’re simply not interested, leave him on read. He’ll get the message that you aren’t interested in talking to him.
  2. 2 “Nothing super interesting. What’s up?” You can just be friendly and carry a casual conversation without flirting or implying you’re interested in him. In fact, he might just be hitting you up because he wants to be friends. Don’t assume anything before you’ve got all of the info and just treat him like you would any other friend.
    • If he does try to flirt or hit on you, just explain, “Look, I’m down to be friends, but I’m not really interested in you like that,” or, “Sorry if I put out the wrong vibe, but I’m not really looking for anything like that right now.”
  3. 3 “Reading a study about the decline of conversational skills in men. ” This is pretty passive-aggressive, but hey—at least it’s funny. It also sends the signal that you’re not going to putz around and entertain his lazy efforts or late night attempts to score with you.
    • This is also slightly playful. He might back off and reply with something like, “Haha you’re right. That’s a lazy move” and then come up with something more interesting. Even if you aren’t interested in dating or hooking up, maybe he’ll redeem himself as a potential friend.
  4. 4 “Idk. ” If he’s going to be so lazy that he’s just texting you three letters, reply in kind. This is short, forces him to actually say something, and sends the signal that you’re not going to entertain these kinds of games. If he does reply with some actual content, at least he’ll have it in his head that you aren’t interested in hooking up.
    • If he doesn’t get the message here and he tries pushing even further to flirt, just keep being short with him. He’ll give up soon.
    • Replying with a 3-word acronym is a pointed way to answer a “wyd” message.
  5. 5 “Cut it out. I’ve already told you I’m not interested.” Some guys use “wyd” as a shorthand for “I’m bored, let’s hook up.” If he has tried pulling this before, you don’t need to spare his feelings. Explain that you want him to stop and that you aren’t going to tolerate it. If he can’t seem to understand that, block him.
    • You don’t need to play nice with a guy who won’t let up. If you want to be a little more aggressive and say something a little more biting, go for it.
    • You could also try, “Minding my own business. You should try it,” or, “Definitely not what you’re doing. Stop texting me.”
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  1. 1 “I’m in the middle of this really good TV show, you ever see Riverdale? ” Remember, “wyd” stands for what are you doing. Tell him what you’re doing! Treat it like a normal conversation and open up a bit to see what he says. This is the best way to get to know him a little better and see what kind of a guy he is.
    • Be wary about mentioning other guys if you’re hanging out with other guys whenever he texts you. Even if they’re just friends, he may take it as a sign that you’re taken.
  2. 2 “Nothing interesting. Are you a Marvel or DC guy?” If you want to get to know him better, redirect the question to focus on him. Throw out something you feel like talking about, or you’re passionate about, and see how he answers. People like talking about themselves, so probing him with questions will keep the conversation going.
    • You could ask him about his favorite sport, movie, or band. This is a great way to figure out if the two of you have anything in common!
    • You could mention a hobby you’re interested in and then see how he feels about it. For example, you might say, “I’m drawing right now. Do you like doing art or anything like that?”
  3. 3 “Not much. What’s going on?” This is a super neutral approach. If you aren’t sure about what you want or you just don’t have enough info about this guy to really make a decision one way or the other, just keep it dull. This should put it on him to actually speak up a bit and start saying something of value.
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  • Question How do you respond to WYD in a flirty way? John Keegan is a Dating Coach and motivational speaker based in New York City. With over 10 years of professional experience, he runs The Awakened Lifestyle, where he uses his expertise in dating, attraction, and social dynamics to help people find love. Dating Coach Expert Answer You could respond with another acronym to make him laugh and end the text with a wink face to let him know you’re playing and getting in the mood to flirt.
  • Question What does it mean when he says WYD? John Keegan is a Dating Coach and motivational speaker based in New York City. With over 10 years of professional experience, he runs The Awakened Lifestyle, where he uses his expertise in dating, attraction, and social dynamics to help people find love. Dating Coach Expert Answer It all depends on the context, but he’s probably just trying to start a conversation or to get flirty with you. He’s also trying to be cool and not act like he’s putting too much investment into the moment, even though they are reaching out.
  • Question How do I stop being a dry texter? John Keegan is a Dating Coach and motivational speaker based in New York City. With over 10 years of professional experience, he runs The Awakened Lifestyle, where he uses his expertise in dating, attraction, and social dynamics to help people find love. Dating Coach Expert Answer In the case of a WYD text, if you don’t want to be a dry texter, answer with honesty. Just go out and say what you’re doing and ask him about his day, trying to keep the conversation going.

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