What Does Low Key Mean?

What Does Low Key Mean

What is an example of low key?

Low key can either mean ‘secretly’ or ‘chill.’ For example, if a kid says ‘I’m low key obsessed with Lady Gaga,’ they mean they’re secretly obsessed. If they say, ‘The party will be really low key this weekend,’ it means it’ll be a chill event.

What does it mean for someone to be on a low key?

Something low-key is quiet or understated. A low-key wedding might be held in a friend’s backyard, with a potluck reception — it’s informal, small, and subdued. A person who’s low-key is modest and soft spoken, and a low-key restaurant is comfortable and unpretentious.

Is Low-Key good or bad?

It can lead to greater privacy, less stress, more focus on personal growth, greater authenticity, and better relationships. Living a low-key lifestyle means being true to yourself, focusing on the things that matter most to you, and avoiding unnecessary drama and distractions.

What is lowkey in love?

What is a low key relationship? – To better understand a low key relationship, it is best to state the difference between private and public relationships. A public relationship is one where everyone knows you and your partner are in a relationship. That means not only your close friends are aware, but also family members and acquaintances.

They have seen you many times together, asked you about your affair, and you have confirmed it. Your relationship is a general knowledge that everywhere you go, your partner follows. And when they don’t see one of you, people inquire. Also, you are not afraid to tell anyone who cares to listen that you have a partner.

On the other hand, a low key relationship is operated on a low level. That does not mean people are unaware of your relationship, but only a few people. For instance, if you and your partner work in the same organization, only your best friends and his will know about your low-key relationship.

A low-key relationship means the couple doesn’t appreciate displaying their relationship publicly, except in the presence of close friends and family members. Meanwhile, many people have trouble categorizing their relationship as private or secret. Simple! As the name implies, a confidential relationship is an affair hidden from the public, including friends and family members.

This relationship often exists in place of work where dating each other is forbidden. Also, a low-key relationship can happen when there is a feud between two family members or cultural or religious differences. Or a relationship can be private because another person is in the picture.

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Does lowkey mean kinda?

What the kids are saying – “Slang is notoriously difficult to track historically,” explains linguist and lexicographer Ben Zimmer, “because slang is very often the kind of language that resists standard treatment.” Slang often gets spoken before it gets written down, much less published and added to archives that professionals scour.

  1. Meanwhile, meanings shift, new words get coined and old words get reinvented in ways that are designed to be confusing (for adults in general, as well as other outsiders and meddling authority figures).
  2. This is part of the reason that the OED, which has long positioned itself as the definitive record of the English language, launched their “youth slang appeal.” Submitting words isn’t a guarantee they’ll end up in the dictionary but it does mean the editors will consider researching them, defining them and adding them to the ranks.

It’s not the first time they’ve turned to crowdsourcing. As editor Jeffrey Sherwood explains, the OED once ran ads in newspapers that asked readers, when they came across an unusual word, to write it down and send it in. In recent years, the process has gone online and changed shape: rather than asking the public to help the editors collect evidence about specific words, the OED has been appealing to the public for examples that fit a category.

A “regional appeal,” for examples, asked people for words that are only used in their geographic area, yielding terms such as bunny hug (a Canadian phrase for a hooded sweatshirt) and hammajang (a Hawaiian word for things that are in a disorderly state). The slang appeal, which launched around the start of the school year, has so far yielded more than 745 submissions, including terms such as snatched and lowkey.

The latter, which appears deceptively familiar, shows just how hard slang is to pin down. Low-key, an adjective meaning muted or restrained, has been around for the better part of a century. But for some years now, the hipper among us have also been using it as an adverb.

My teenage cousin Annie provides the example of: “That boy is lowkey cute.” People are also using highkey in a related vein, as in “I highkey miss middle school.” So what do they mean? Some people say they use lowkey to mean kinda or to verbally mark something that should be kept private, while they might use highkey to suggest that they’re trying to be relaxed about something and failing.

But there’s more nuance and variance to it, the kind that professionals like Green and Sherwood distill from looking at piles and piles of examples that show how a word has been used over time by various communities. And they will likely do a better job if the public lends a hand.

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What is the opposite of a low key person?

The opposite of low-key is ‘ high-key,’ meaning to be unabashedly vocal about something.

What are lowkey values?

Low key For other uses, see, Low key oil painting Low key as a term used in describing or is related to but not the same as in or, A photographic image, painting or movie can be defined as “low-key” if its dominant values are black, dark brown or dark blue. Some authors describe the term “low key” as the so-called while others describe how to obtain such photographs or paintings.

What is low key girl?

Low-key means modest or unassuming. The term is typically used to refer to a person who is secretive or quiet about something, such as having a crush on someone.

What is low key intelligent?

Most introverts who are mindful of others will not admit or show that they are smart, intelligent, and very observant. They will keep a low profile and do not advertise themselves to the world. They enjoy being smart, discreet, and pragmatic because it is considered safe and emotionally healthier.

Why do some people keep low profile?

There are many reasons why you may want to keep a low profile. Perhaps you’re in a legal battle and don’t want attention drawn to yourself. Maybe you’re trying to avoid getting caught up in a scam. Or perhaps you don’t want people to know too much about your life.

What does lowkey toxic mean?

It means its vaguely, (somewhat/a little bit) harmful.

What is the opposite of a lowkey relationship?

Love and Relationships: Public vs. Low-key Relationships by Shallot Mohutege A perfect relationship is as real as saying fairies exist. If there’s anything that I have taken from married couples is that there is no such thing as a perfect relationship or marriage, almost every married couple I spoke to stated that the real flames you will experience is when you are married, so the “happily ever after” Disney movie narrates is actually Happily, Ever After the arguments, disagreements, differences etc.

you name it. One of the biggest decisions most couples have to make in a relationship is whether or not they want to make their relationship public or not. A public relationship is one where everyone knows that you and Titus* are dating, not just your close friends, this kind of relationship is so public that wherever Thomas* goes and by any chance you are not with him they ask him “waar is jou cherie”.

This is a kind of relationship whereby the two of you have each other’s pictures displayed on your private Instagram and Facebook accounts with captions under the images like #LoveofMyLife (LOML), #MYRideOrDie etc. a public relationship is one where you do not shy from letting the public know that the two of you are an item.

A low-key relationship on the other hand does not mean that nobody knows about your relationship, on the contrary, it simply means that, only a selective group of people know about your relationship. Your close friends and family members and both of you are not comfortable with the whole world knowing your business but do not shy from the fact that both of you are in a relationship.

Most people, like I mentioned earlier, find it difficult to decide whether to keep their relationship low-key or to let the whole world know. Some people believe social media ruins their relationship, others believe they NEED to let the whole world know they are a couple.

  1. One of my favourite memes I’ve read this year is “whether you keep your relationship private or low-key, YOU WILL BREAK UP” *laughs*.
  2. I love this meme not because I am hating on IG couples but because truth be told, the strength of your relationship is not determined by how many people know about your relationship.
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Public relationships are great. Honestly, I love seeing people in love. The problem comes when these people do things for likes and “#CoupleGoals” comments. The person is no longer happy but also can’t leave because of the profile they’ve built on social media.

  • Then you find yourself stuck in a relationship you want to leave but can’t because you love the 250 likes you get when you upload pictures of you and bae and you are afraid of how many people are going to laugh at you once you stop uploading or when you delete all the pictures.
  • We’ve all gone through this or at least know of somebody who has.

Some women believe that they need to let the world know who they are dating to keep other women away from their boyfriends. I believe it does the opposite. Because when these women see how good your man is treating you they would pursue him in hopes that they get the same treatment you are getting from him.

  1. Also keeping your relationship low-key does not guarantee that it will last.
  2. It does however, keep unnecessary as well as irrelevant people out of your business.
  3. I mean nothing good ever comes from too many people knowing your business.
  4. Just remember that you can keep your relationship private without keeping your partner a secret.

There is a huge difference between keeping your relationship private and keeping it a total secret (now where did I hear that?) Anyway, let’s face it, at the end of the day you should do what makes you happy and what works for the both of you. I personally do not believe in exploiting a relationship by publicizing details.