What Does A Secretary Do In A Club?

What makes a good secretary in a club?

Actions – It is essential that your minutes record the actions that are to be undertaken and the names of those responsible for following up the committee’s decision. The secretary should also write letters as the meeting has instructed they should be written.

What are 3 duties of a secretary?

Secretarial assignments include such duties as office coordination, scheduling meetings, preparing and maintaining office records, reports, and correspondence pertaining to the professional(s)’s and/or management staff’s area of responsibility.

What does an assistant secretary do in a club?

Provide administrative support to coordinate, prepare and minute meetings, such as Technical Board meetings, HR meetings. Administer the Club’s private medical insurance policies. Assist with player liaison duties.

Is secretary a good club position?

The office of secretary is one of the most demanding in the organization and a good secretary is essential to the proper functioning of any Key Club. The secretary is responsible for taking minutes, keeping records and maintaining all important files for the club.

What is the most important role of a secretary?

In summary, the Secretary is responsible for: Ensuring meetings are effectively organised and minuted. Maintaining effective records and administration. Upholding the legal requirements of governing documents, charity law, company law, etc.

What makes you stand out as a secretary?

Qualities that make a good secretary – A good secretary has various qualities – both hard and soft skills that help them succeed in a role. These qualities can be learned and developed with a little bit of dedication. These are just a few of them:

Organisational skills: a strong ability to be organised, keep a clear head and keep track of everything from deadlines to essential files. Professional communication skills : clear and friendly communication, along with a personable phone manner. Think of yourself as a master communicator, engaging in conversations that create strong connections and build relationships. Initiative and drive: the ability to take the initiative, work independently and seek out new opportunities. IT literacy : knowledge of software such as Microsoft Office Suite, Outlook, and Adobe Programs, and typing skills are required. Plus, knowing about other software that could help with the day-to-day work. Honesty and discretion: A secretary often handles expenses, petty cash and other sensitive topics; it’s important that employers can trust a secretary fully. Time-management skills : Working on several projects means a lot of multitasking. This requires the ability to manage your own time and ensure that you can deliver on timelines. Being a team player: better if you have a flair for championing a teamwork ethic and fostering teamwork within a team. Remaining calm under pressure: an ability to cope with stress, deadlines and multitasking, often dealing with several stakeholders at once. Professionalism: a skill needed for dealing with internal and external stakeholders. Project management skills : skilled at managing all the moving parts of any given project.

Besides these soft skills, most employers expect a secretary to be educated to at least a matriculation level, followed by secretarial training. Typing speed is an important skill for many employers. If you can touch-type, your speed will improve the more typing you do – you’ll need to be able to type anywhere from 55 to 80 words per minute, and faster is always better.

Is a secretary like an assistant?

As an administrative assistant, you take on more responsibilities and must be able to multitask to suit the needs of an office. A secretary’s job focuses on typing and storing documents and reporting to a general manager.

Why should we hire you as a secretary?

What Does a Good Secretary Candidate Look Like? – A good secretary candidate is highly organized, possesses excellent communication skills, and is adept at multitasking. They should also be proficient in using various software tools and have a proactive approach to problem-solving.

Is it hard to be a secretary?

Con: You have to be prepared to do all sorts of different tasks and have strong organization and multitasking skills. – While it may keep you from getting bored, some people find the variability of the position overwhelming. A good secretary has to be prepared to switch from paperwork, to phone calls, to filing, to making appointments.

  1. At the same time, it’s important to know what needs to be done and when, and to keep track of that in your head.
  2. Not everyone is cut out for it; educational requirements aside, being a secretary is by no means easy.
  3. It’s a lot of work for little pay, and often gets very little recognition—no matter how good you are at your job.

: Pros and Cons of Being a Secretary

Is secretary job stressful?

2561 Users found this project useful – A STUDY OF THE CAUSES AND EFFECTS OF STRESS ON SECRETARY’S JOB PERFORMANCE IN BUSINESS ORGANIZATIONS ABSTRACT The purpose of this work was to find out the effects of stress on the secretary’s job performance. A questionnaire was drawn up with which data were collected.

This was supplemented by observations. The respondents were in selected organizations in Enugu Urban. In all 61 questionnaires were distributed for the study. From the data collected and analyzed, it was discovered that secretaries face a lot of stressing situations in the course of doing their jobs but that some were more painful in their effects than others.

The three most significant stressors identified were lack of adequate equipment and sufficient working materials and equipment, strenuous human relations in the work place and the lack of necessary qualifications. Recommendations were however made that adequate training of the secretary physically and mentally should be proved among others.


A stress encountered by secretaries in the field of their job in business organizations is a lot to write home about. Stress can be defined as the non specific reaction of the body to the demand made on it by external or internal stimulus events called stressors stress as emotional process has psychological and physiological implications said Han Seyle (1964).

According to Teachers Rigorously checked stress” is said to be pressure, condition, causing hardship and disquiet etc. Some business organizations in Enugu urban has made life mis-enable for some secretaries working in them, due to their inability to provide one thing or the other for them. Many professional secretaries experience conflicts because of work in the office and family activities waiting demands upon their time.

Conflicts occur because the person want to devote adequate attention to both for family and office work. The causes of this stress emanate from poor conduct of the so called “manager’s who do forget that the secretary is the heart beat of an organization”.

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Before any form or organization attain their aim, their secret must be kept and for this to be done the secretary in particular must be involved. The roles and functions of the secretary are basic to the organization, these range from covering meetings, taking care of all office routine duties, keeping schedules in both hers and her boss’s desk diaries for complete and effective job performance up to date and supervising sub-ordinates as well as keeping other general information in the office.

In the organization, she is also important to the organization because of her ability to remain clam under extra-ordinary condition of work pressures and human demands. The work of secretaries are stressful in the since that they are the head and eye of the organization.

Sometimes secretaries feel like back sliding because of the work fully packed for them and there is no time to tackle all these jobs, and upon that the manager will be shouting on them to hurry up, and as the secretary looks around and finds no help stress arises. In any event, extremely stressful situation, such as lack of sleep or physical torture bring about lack of interest to work and unhappiness while working.

As I mentioned before that the secretary is the heart beat of any organization, so organizations should sit up to make life meaningful for the secretaries working in them to achieve their aims.1.2 STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM Stress comes as a result of over working oneself.

Over work may emanate from the manager of an organization or the secretary her self. A situation where the manager fail to recruit more workers in the organization, this will generate very many stressful condition for the secretaries working in them, running healter scleter from pillar to post which may lead to frustrations, tension and anxiety and as a result of this implicate her to various forms of problems.

The secretary herself causes stress in her job, as a result of her inability to schedule her time according to her engagements ie using her limited time to cover a lot of things. Hence the sources of stress has been measured, is now left for both managers and secretaries to come together and share their time according to their engagements in other to curb stress on that job.1.3 PURPOSE OF THE STUDY The major purpose of this study is to find out the causes and effects of stress on secretary’s job in Enugu urban business organization performance specifically, the study seeks to: 1.

Find out causes of stress on the secretary.2. Identify effects of stress on secretary’s job performance.3. Ascertain problems arising from secretary’s stress on the achievement of organizational goal.4. Find out measures to curb stress on the job.1.4 SIGNIFICANCE OF THE STUDY The research will be of importance to the society, it will be useful to professional secretaries.

It is hoped that after some findings of this work, the secretary will be in a better position to find out causes stress and avoid them whenever possible and control their effects on her performance. This should lend to a better job performance. Ignorance of how to treat a secretary in order to get her best performances may be one of the reason why the secretary is subjected to stressful conditions at the place of work.

  1. It is hoped that after going through this work, the boss will be better informed as to handle a secretary to get maximum performance from her.
  2. Sometimes, professional secretary trainers are hopelessly out to conduct with what is required of secretary at the place of work so that training programmes are not up to what they should be.

This will help trainers to identity vital training areas on which to lay emphasis and from time to time improve on facilities to meet with modern office procedures.1.6 RESEARCH QUESTIONS The following research questions were formulated to guide this research study.1.

  2. STRESS: Is said to be pressure, condition causing hardship and disquiet; stress is the state the secretary’s disposition when she hard been affected by a stressor.
  3. STRESSOR: Is any factor in the environment of work that effects the secretary’s job performance.


What position is lower than a secretary?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Undersecretary (or under secretary ) is a title for a person who works for and has a lower rank than a secretary (person in charge). It is used in the executive branch of government, with different meanings in different political systems, and is also used in other organizational settings.

In government, the position may be a junior government minister (e.g. a parliamentary secretary ) who assists a secretary of state, In other cases, the position may be a senior government official, frequently a career public servant, who typically acts as a senior administrator. The senior administrator may be considered a second-in-command to a politically appointed cabinet minister or other government official (e.g.

in the United States), or they may be considered a head or chief executive of a government department (e.g. a permanent secretary ). Some systems of government have both types of position, as in the United Kingdom where the title has been in use since the 17th century.

What is the highest position in a club?

The critical leadership positions are the President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. The club’s officers and various event and committee chairs usually comprise the Board of Directors, which establishes policy and provides overall direction for all club activities.

What a secretary should not do?

Business Etiquette for Secretaries By Chron Contributor Updated June 21, 2021 Secretaries are important staff members in any organization. To be successful, a secretary in today’s workplace must have good manners and possess the right skills and understanding of the company’s policies and procedures.

  • The scope and content of the secretary’s duties depend on the rank of the boss.
  • A chief executive’s secretary, for example, would have wider responsibilities than one who works for the head of a department.
  • Correct business etiquette is essential for secretaries at every level, especially those who are in contact with clients and other important outsiders.

For a secretary, correct etiquette toward the boss calls for courtesy and support at all times, according to, Bosses and secretaries often work closely. They should be able to work well together and accomplish their area’s duties consistently. The secretary should comply with the boss’ preferences and company policy in the course of the work.

Gossiping should be out of bounds, and the secretary should not engage in activities at work that have nothing to do with the business of the company. An example would be operating any kind of sideline business on the premises without approval. In most organizations, secretaries hold positions of real responsibility.

MinnDak: Club Secretary’s Guide

Often they interact with clients and executives within the company on behalf of their bosses. For this reason, they should dress in accordance with company policy. If the company’s dress code specifies conservative attire, the secretaries should set the example for the rest of the staff.

This practice shows respect for the company, its leaders and those who visit the company’s premises for appointments. Good business etiquette calls for secretaries to follow the Golden Rule at work. They should set the example in this regard by always treating others, especially visitors, courteously.

They should show respect to all and never treat lower-ranking staff members badly. It is a good practice at work to interrupt others only rarely and to apologize whenever intrusions are necessary. Good telephone manners are essential for secretaries, according to,

  • Many first-time callers to a company form lasting impressions based on conversations with a secretary.
  • The best telephone practice for a secretary is to answer calls promptly, before the third ring if possible, and to be courteous and professional at all times.
  • Secretaries who are responsible for typing email messages and letters should guard against misspellings and other errors; these reflect badly on the company and show rudeness toward recipients.
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: Business Etiquette for Secretaries

Do you need anything to be a secretary?

Excellent verbal communication skills. the ability to organise your time and workload. to be able to use a computer and the main software packages competently.

What should a secretary do before a meeting?

What does the Secretary do? – The exact work of the Secretary will vary from organisation to organisation. It is worth having a discussion in your group to agree what the responsibilities of all the Management Committee members should be. This list can be used as a guide to the Secretary’s job:

Taking minutes in meetings. Keeping files of past minutes and reports. Letting people know when and where the next meeting is and what it is about. Helping to prepare agendas for meetings with the Chairperson. Writing and receiving letters on behalf of the group. Keeping members informed of what correspondence has been sent out and received. Keeping a record of membership. Keeping a record of important phone numbers.

How you organise this work is up to your group to decide. You may want to divide the jobs up amongst a number of people. You could have a minutes secretary, a correspondence secretary, and a membership secretary. Or you may want to have a Secretary and Chairperson who work closely together, and share some of these tasks.

What is your greatest strength for secretary?

Frequently asked questions – What are the top secretary interview questions? The top questions focus on organizational skills, communication abilities, and experience with software tools. What is the best way to prepare for a secretary interview as an HR professional? Familiarize yourself with the job description and prepare open-ended questions to assess the candidate’s skills and experience.

  • What are 3 qualities of a candidate for the secretary position? Organizational skills, strong communication abilities, and proficiency in software tools are essential qualities.
  • How can a secretary effectively manage multiple tasks? A secretary can manage multiple tasks by prioritizing based on urgency and importance, using software tools for organization, and maintaining open communication with supervisors.

What should a secretary do to handle confidential information? A secretary should follow company protocols for data protection, use secure channels for communication, and only share confidential information with authorized personnel.

What is the most important role of a secretary?

In summary, the Secretary is responsible for: Ensuring meetings are effectively organised and minuted. Maintaining effective records and administration. Upholding the legal requirements of governing documents, charity law, company law, etc.

Why would you be a good fit for secretary position?

21 Secretary Interview Questions & Answers | Proven Results Pass YOUR interview at the first attempt! Here’s the FULL LIST of SECRETARY INTERVIEW QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS : SUGGESTED ANSWER: “Thank you for inviting me to be interviewed for the position of secretary today.

I am an ambitious, hard-working, positive and professional secretary who has a track record of achievement in all work I undertake. I believe one of the most important skills to possess as a secretary, is that of being able to carry out multiple tasks to a high, consistent standard – this is just one of the many skills I have that makes me the perfect candidate for this position.

Outside of work, I have a happy, stable and positive life, which means when I am at work, I am attentive, organized and effective. If you hire me as your secretary, I believe you will be impressed with my ability to complete tasks quickly, and also my strong work ethics and values, as well as my ability to communicate effectively with both internal team members as well as external clients and stakeholders.” SUGGESTED ANSWER “As a secretary, you need to possess a multitude of different skills, qualities and attributes in order to be effective.

  1. In my opinion, the 7 most important qualities are being ORGANIZED and RELIABLE in all work you undertake – your employer should be able to give you lots of work and expect it to be completed on time, without having to chase you up.
  2. You also need to possess excellent COMMUNICATION and INTERPERSONAL SKILLS, especially when dealing with external clients, organizations and stakeholders.

As a secretary, you are often the first point of contact, and on that basis, you need to act as a positive role model for your organization in how you communicate. Other top qualities include being having strong ATTENTION TO DETAIL SKILLS, being able to MULTI-TASK, acting with LOYALTY, HONESTY and INTEGRITY in all of your work, and finally, being COMPETENT IN THE USE OF ALL APPLICABLE APPS AND SOFTWARE PACKAGES that will enable you to PERFORM YOUR TASKS TO A HIGH STANDARD.” Purchase the full package below for just ₱249.5 to download the answer to this and all of the interview questions featured on this page! Secretaries form a crucial and fundamental role in the successful operation and running of a business or organisation.

  • They are employed across a wide variety of sectors, including businesses, government organisations, public sector offices and also remotely via outsourcing websites.
  • A unique set of skills and qualities are often needed to perform the role competently, including exceptional planning, organisational and attention to details skills, strong interpersonal and communication capabilities, having a positive and flexible attitude to all work, and also being able to respond to requests from their line manager or company executives in a fast and efficient manner.

There are many different types of secretary, including: Typical duties of a secretary include:

  • Answering and redirecting telephone calls and also taking messages;
  • Prioritising workloads and planning the week’s work in advance;
  • Acting as a personal assistant, when required, to the company Directors;
  • Responding in a timely manner to all email communications and messages;
  • Organizing meetings and informing all attendees of the details;
  • Taking minutes during meetings, preparing notes and also disseminating meeting minutes;
  • Carrying out general office work and projects, as requested by the line manager;
  • Liaising with clients, contractors, suppliers and also external stakeholders when needed;
  • Working with appropriate software systems and Microsoft Word applications;
  • Managing diaries and booking appointments;
  • Prioritising workload of company employees;
  • Acting as a receptionist when needed and meeting clients or visitors to the office, organization or business;
  • Other general duties as deemed appropriate by the line manager.

TIP #1 – One of the most important areas to focus on in the build-up to your secretary interview, is demonstrating your ability to match the core qualities and attributes necessary within the role. Make sure you are able to provide specific examples of where you have already demonstrated an ability to multi-task, work under pressure, use effective communication skills, work to the highest standards possible, and also complete tasks reliably and consistently.

  • TIP #2 – Following on from secretarial tip number 1, above, we recommend you take the time to structure your answers to the behavioural-type interview questions using the ‘STAR interview method’.
  • This includes creating answers in the format of SITUATION, TASK, ACTION and RESULT.
  • By following this tried-and-tested method for responding to situational interview questions, you are far more likely to pass your secretary interview with the highest scores achievable.
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TIP #3 – Honesty, integrity, flexibility and reliability and four key qualities required to become an effective secretary. A survey of 100 company Managing Directors listed at least one of these qualities as the most important to them, when considering hiring a company secretary.

When asked to introduce yourself to the interview panel, we strongly advise you mention these important attributes and also go on to expand on the reasons why you believe they are important within the role. TIP #4 – At the end of your secretary interview, you will be given the opportunity to ask a number of questions.

Here are three great questions to ask the panel:

  1. What’s the most important thing I could do for you consistently within the role of secretary?
  2. What are the pans for the company over the next 5 to 10 years?
  3. If I am successful at interview today, what would you need me to focus on within the first four weeks are commencing employment?

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: 21 Secretary Interview Questions & Answers | Proven Results